Application Security

Ensuring Security of Applications, Development Lifecycles and Connected Devices

Software vulnerabilities continue to be a prime target for attackers and one of the top issues facing organizations today, given that so much of an organization’s business relies on software. Staying ahead of the growing risks requires a programmatic approach to application security across the enterprise.

Ensuring application security across your environment requires regular testing and manual code reviews that often exceed the capabilities or capacity of your security team. For their part, developers aren’t adequately trained or enabled to effectively design security into their code. And with applications becoming more complex and new development methodologies that continue to shrink the release cycle, finding and remediating all the vulnerabilities can seem impossible even with the best automated scanning tools.

Optiv application security (AppSec) services can help reduce the risks around your software development environment and lifecycle processes. With an experienced team of specialists skilled in performing manual code reviews to augment automated testing methods, we can help you design and build a mature application security program that integrates with your specific lifecycle and platform needs.

With security assessments for an array of applications and connected-devices, we help your organization programmatically reduce the risks around your development environment and third-party applications. From secure SDLC design and threat modeling to technical assessments to security education and training, we can help you:

  • Reduce the risk of application-related breaches across the enterprise
  • Enable higher efficiency and reduce costs by designing security into applications earlier in the lifecycle
  • Overcome stalled projects with ongoing program management that keeps your team and AppSec program on track to maturity
  • Empower your development team with the confidence of knowing they’re developing secure applications
  • Maintain positive reputation with customers and business partners with testing that aligns to application security guidelines, such as OWASP and ISO
  • Reduce audit findings and compliance fines with faster audit responsiveness


Our experts will test your code and deliver meaningful results that can be easily consumed and implemented by your development team.


Our team provides fully validated test results to reduce false positives and identify vulnerabilities that automated tools can’t find.


Our SDLC experts work closely with you to get a clear understanding of your needs to design, implement and run an effective AppSec program.

Our Services


Web Application Assessments Mobile Application Assessments API Assessments Thick Client Assessments

Our experts assess internally-developed and 3rd-party applications for clients that need assurance that their applications and connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices are secure and meet compliance requirements. After the assessment, your team receives a deliverable with identified vulnerabilities and recommendations for next steps.

SDLC Review SDLC Implementation We assess your current application security development practices and software development lifecycle (SDLC) frameworks to design and manage a holistic and secure application development program. We identify gaps and areas of improvement where people, process, or technology may be used to further mature the SDLC and improve the security posture of internally-developed applications.

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