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Third-Party Risk Management-as-a-Service Leveraging Optiv Evantix

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Why Optiv?

Optiv is the premier partner for your organization to plan, develop and manage all aspects of your third-party risk management (TPRM) program.

Managing third-party risk effectively and efficiently with limited staff, constrained budgets and a massive vendor ecosystem is a top concern for businesses. Optiv’s comprehensive suite of offerings, along with our ability to manage your third-party risk program can help manage, assess and mitigate your risk.

Optiv Integrated Services

Optiv’s third-party risk solution, leveraging Optiv Evantix, allows you to reduce operational cost and increase visibility and action within your third-party risk lifecycle.


Portfolio Management:

  • Easily navigate and inventory hunderds - to hundereds of thousands - of your supplier relationships
  • Manage your third-party risk holistically across the enterprise

Risk Assesments:

  • Classify and launch tailored assessments directly to each third party
  • “At-a-glance” view of active and completed assessments
  • Optiv’s TPRM-as-a-Service can provide validation services, freeing your staff for higher value activity


  • Create and assign issues to remediate within Evantix
  • Negotiate with third parties on remediation tactics and track progress to completion

Monitoring and Reporting:

  • A simple, customizable, dashboard view of your program
  • Tailored reporting to meet the needs of your organization

Renewal Management:

  • Manage the entire lifecycle and, schedule assessment renewal alerts
  • Ensure third -parties keep their data fresh

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