Virtual CISO

A virtual CISO from Optiv provides access to an experienced CISO that can help your organization meet current security and compliance demands

Securing the Organization with a Virtual CISO

When hiring a full-time chief information security officer (CISO) for enterprise governance is not possible, contracting with a virtual CISO can provide quick access to flexible and cost-effective security expertise.


There are a number of reasons organizations might choose a virtual CISO as an alternative to a full-time, in-house chief information security officer. Contracting a virtual CISO can give you access to skills and experience much faster than going through a protracted search for a full-time position, and the cost of hiring a virtual CISO may be far less than hiring a full-time executive. And as an on-demand expert, a virtual CISO provides more flexibility to work on specific projects and can scale as needed.


When hiring a virtual CISO, choosing the right provider is critical to realizing these benefits and providing the experience and expertise you need to move security objectives from the project to the program level. That's why so many organizations nationwide source their virtual CISO with Optiv.


A Virtual CISO from Optiv

Optiv is a market leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions for clients who want to plan, build and run more successful cyber security programs. Our team of diverse and talented specialists partner with enterprise-class organizations to deliver a comprehensive suite of products, services and solutions that meet a wide variety of security needs. With help from Optiv, businesses, governments and educational institutions can operate more successfully in a world where everything is increasingly linked together.


As a trusted advisor to organizations in a broad range of industries, we help develop information security strategy and align security programs with business priorities. Backed by a team of 1000+ highly skilled client managers and security practitioners, our virtual CISO and security leadership experts deliver superior results and cutting-edge research to help solve complex, real-world security problems. Our grasp of leading best practices helps to formulate recommendations for an information security framework that is tailored to specific business objectives, and our proven methodologies help ensure superior outcomes for projects and programs.


A virtual CISO from Optiv provides access to an experienced CISO that can help your organization meet current demands. Working on-call or on-site, an Optiv virtual CISO can help develop a focused security program, oversee existing projects, conduct due diligence reviews and audits, and provide guidance for activities such as customer inquiries.


Optiv also provides CISO certification and CISO training.


Benefits of Optiv's Virtual CISO

With a virtual CISO from Optiv, organizations can:


  • Gain immediate and ongoing access to senior executive talent to help align security efforts and business goals.
  • Get an unbiased assessment of current programs.
  • Quickly assess risk, compliance and security posture, and evaluate current security teams' skills and effectiveness.
  • Have the expertise available to quickly coordinate response to an incident.


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