Senior Consultant | Optiv
Dav has nearly three decades of combined experience in naval electronics, information technology, telecommunication, network engineering and physical security, with the past 15+ years focused upon information security. His extensive experience with various tools and technologies, along with his sincere enthusiasm for continuing education, provide him with multiple examples of lessons learned which he often shares with clients seeking to improve their security program.

He has assisted clients with a vast variety of tasks, including threat hunting; post-breach remediation; process and program development; security architecture; onboarding security operation services and personnel; installation and integration of security products and appliances.

Prior to working with Optiv, Dav was instrumental in developing and refining custom onboarding services delivering security operations for multiple large enterprise clients across a variety of industry verticals. His understanding of the threat landscape, people, and business processes led him to develop new strategies for onboarding and handling of security incidents for teams supporting clients through remote and onsite work.