Richard Bird

Executive Director, Executive Advisory - Office of the CISO

Richard Bird is an information technology, risk and information security executive with more than 25 years of experience. In his current role as an executive director within the Office of the CISO executive advisory team at Optiv, he works with chief information security officers, boards of directors and senior executives within our clients as a trusted advisor helping to assess, develop, guide and improve information security management programs while ensuring alignment with business goals and objectives.


Having an Identity Crisis? CISO’s Need to Own IAM

· By Richard Bird ·

Within any company, we can find owners for every key function throughout the enterprise. If we ask, “who is in charge of human resources?” we know the name of the SVP or director of human resources will surface. If we ask, “who ultimately owns the uptime of our technology infrastructure?” our chief technology officer will raise her hand. If we want to know the strategic plan for product development, we can clearly articulate the rings of the organizational tree that represent every single leadership role supporting this function.

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