Rushyendra Reddy Induri

Security Analyst

Rushyendra Reddy Induri is a security analyst for Optiv’s application security team. In this role he specializes in delivering various service offerings including application security assessments, web application, web services and API assessments. Rushyendra’s role is to analyze and provide post-sales support and consulting to Optiv’s clients as well as providing support and mentoring to other Optiv team members.


Getting Started with Postman for API Security Testing: Part 1

· By Rushyendra Reddy Induri ·

Postman is a useful tool used by many developers to document, test and interact with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). With the ubiquity of APIs in mobile, web and other applications, Postman can be a useful tool for a security tester or developer to evaluate the security posture of the API. Part 1 of this blog series is to provide the basics of using Postman, explaining the main components and features.

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