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Five Spring Cleaning Tips for Identity Protection

April 05, 2016

Spring cleaning is not just about creating space in closets, but is also a great time to organize your online passwords as well. Chances are you have passwords that haven’t been changed in over a year and you may even have the same passwords on multiple sites. We all know that’s a bad habit, but it's often not addressed. 

Now is the time to clean things up and create a password strategy that is easy to remember and keeps hackers from stealing your data. Follow the below practices to get in the habit of when managing your passwords. 

  1. Use a Password Management Tool - Contact your IT department for their recommendation if you don’t already have one. Alternatively, do a simple online search for “password management tool” and select the one that is right for you.
  2. Audit Your Password Strengths - Never use generic words or names for your passwords. Avoid passwords such as 12345, hockey, your pet’s name (especially if you tell the world on social media what your pet’s name is), etc.
  3. Review Duplicate Passwords - If you are using the same passwords on multiple sites, change them. If one of your passwords becomes compromised, this helps ensure that hackers can’t use it against you on other sites.
  4. Avoid Writing Passwords Down - We know the urge may be there, but don’t use sticky notes as a password management tool.
  5. Use a System for Creating Unique Passwords - This can be any system you create, just make it unique to you. The below infographic lays out a step-by-step example of a password system.

Password Infographic

Following these simple steps will help ensure your data stays protected by effective passwords. 

    Randy Pringle

By: Randy Pringle

Solutions Marketing Manager

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