Optiv Security Launches Services for Microsoft Azure Sentinel  to Help Organizations Simplify Security Operations

Optiv Security Launches Services for Microsoft Azure Sentinel  to Help Organizations Simplify Security Operations

DENVER – November 4, 2019 – In an ever-evolving digital landscape, more and more global organizations are migrating their business applications and workloads into leading cloud platforms, like Microsoft Azure. To assist global organizations transitioning to Microsoft Azure, Optiv Security, a security solutions integrator delivering end-to-end cybersecurity solutions across the globe, offers progressive solution offerings around Microsoft Azure Sentinel that integrate cloud and security strategies with innovative expertise.


“The cybersecurity industry has historically been one based on problem and response, where external threats drive security spend and strategy,” said Chad Holmes, chief services and operations officer, Optiv. “When we combine our Advanced Fusion Center solutions with offerings like Azure Sentinel, we’ll be able to address the dynamic nature of today’s business operations, reduce complexity and operational costs, and enhance the speed and scale in which issues are remediated by integrating processes and people with leading technologies.”


Optiv’s Advanced Fusion Center with Microsoft Azure Sentinel provides clients with:


  • Fully tailored consumption models. Optiv’s services are tailored to individual organizational needs. First, Optiv takes a holistic view of a client’s cybersecurity operation and then provides flexible solutions, optimizing the client’s environment. Optiv offers co-sourced, managed and as-a-Service models that provide clients with options to power their current staffing, process and technology needs. Optiv’s services are built to scale and grow with clients as they evolve from a traditional SOC to components of a fully mature Advanced Fusion Center.
  • Actionable performance indicators and other metrics. Optiv provides visualization, key performance indicators (KPIs), key risk indicators (KRIs) and reporting, allowing stakeholders to see the value and performance of their cybersecurity programs.
  • Cutting-edge technological augmentation. Optiv works with clients to replace the reactive Problem/Response approach with its inside-out approach, starting with risk mitigation and building out from there to create a more proactive, predictable, measurable and effective cybersecurity program. Optiv’s unique automation/orchestration technology is backed by the right people and processes, and is intended to drive and transform the functionality of security operations. This helps clients reduce repetitive manual tasks to speed up response times and increase efficiency.


“Customers are recognizing that Azure Sentinel is a unique offering in the market built on Cloud and AI and the response has been fantastic. To meet customer demand, Optiv has built integrated solution offerings around Azure Sentinel with Optiv’s advanced security operations data and threat analytics platform and its cybersecurity experts to help customers detect, respond and remediate threats,” said Scott Woodgate, senior director Azure Security, Microsoft Corp.


Optiv brings cybersecurity to pace with modern business by leveraging many of the same core innovations already digitally transforming clients’ operations by fusing controls, data analytics, orchestration and automation with skilled cybersecurity experts to address threats with an integrated and more agile and proactive approach to radically change how cybersecurity is consumed and delivered. Optiv also provides actionable performance indicators, such as KPIs and key risk indicators (KRIs), allowing stakeholders to realize the value of their cybersecurity programs.

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