Optiv + Global Brewer = Tapping Into Automation Through SOAR


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The Situation – An SOC with Insufficient Security Standards


A multinational brewing and beverage company needed to secure 250 diverse facilities, including breweries, bottling plants and distribution centers. Achieving this meant generating telemetry data and integrating alerts into their existing security operations center (SOC), but they had almost no global security standards for threat detection or prevention.


The Solution – Integrated OT Sensors and Automation through SOAR


Our team went straight to work installing operational technology (OT) sensors across their 250 facilities, tuning the devices to reduce false positives. We then integrated the toolset into the client’s firewall, endpoint security and change management database (CMDB) platforms.


By utilizing security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solutions, we focused on security processes that could be automated and deployed to reduce noise in the environment. We also triaged the resulting alerts for the first 18 months of the contract, before transitioning this responsibility to the client.

Industry Served: Beverage, Brewing and Distribution

Our Starting Point:

  • Limited global security standards for threat detection and prevention
  • High number of false positives
  • Secure 250 diverse environments ASAP
  • Tight SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for alerts from diverse origins

Accelerating Forward:

  • Installed OT sensors and firewalls at 250 facilities
  • Automated security processes and reduced noise through SOAR solution
  • Optiv triaged alerts for the first 18 months
  • Embedded five OT experts to operate tools and tune alerts

Client Outcomes

  • Installation completed in just 18 months (firewall and OT sensor)
  • Weekly alert count reduced from 5,000 to 50
  • Client SOC team set up for success through knowledge and resourcing
  • Optiv and client to continue working together and expand their OT knowledge
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