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The Situation – No Client Capacity to Install Hundreds of OT Sensors


A multinational healthcare company needed to secure more than 700 pharmacies across North America. While their security team was capable of centrally supporting a security platform, they didn’t have the capacity to install operational technology (OT) sensors at each location.


Due to the large number of pharmacies they needed to support, the client also needed clear instructions for how to manage alerts and common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs).


The Solution – An Installation Tech Team and SOC Playbook for the Win


We jumped right in and took over the logistics and organization for the OT sensor installation project, first sourcing local technicians to complete the work. We had the installation team focus on one metropolitan area at a time, in monthly batches, typically deploying two to four sensors per day.


Our experts then hosted a workshop to define the most critical alerts and use cases, as well as how to triage alerts effectively to ensure uptime, safety and resilience. Working with the client’s SOC analysts and non-technical personnel, we also created a security operations center (SOC) playbook – to smoothly transition duties to the client and adoption of new processes.

Industry Served: Pharmaceutical

Our Starting Point:

  • Lack of client personnel to install OT sensors in hundreds of pharmacies across North America
  • Client security team overwhelmed by project logistics and organization

Accelerating Forward:

  • Sourced local technicians to complete work quickly
  • Deployed Armis OT sensors across more than 700 pharmacy locations

Client Outcomes

  • Installation ahead of schedule – forecasted completion in two-thirds of the budgeted time
  • Time saved – project timeline shortened by years
  • Significantly lessened burden on client’s security team
  • Valuable partnership established and Optiv will continue to install sensors as needed in new locations
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