Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company Potentially Saves $11 Million By Identifying Major Tech Stack Redundancies


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The Situation – how to cut costs without increasing risk


A large multinational pharmaceutical company’s director of security was tasked with completing a large cost-saving initiative without sacrificing the security of the business. One cost lever the director had was to consolidate the organization’s security technology and vendor footprint. 


Given the number of security tools across the organization, this offered an opportunity to make impactful savings and improve their security posture. But choosing which actions to take to make the biggest impact over time, organizing the information in an actionable way and finding the time to do this alongside other job responsibilities was a challenge. 


The security leader turned to Optiv for technology and strategy expertise to maximize current investments and deliver quick results.


The Solution – architecture evaluation of IT and SCADA to find highest risk devices


Optiv technology experts quickly got to work with the InfoSec team, picking up the project and identifying ways the business could save. The Optiv team’s primary focus was to pinpoint gaps by mapping the organization’s tools to Optiv’s security control tool and providing a clear view of each tool’s purpose and value. 


The InfoSec team identified 125 tools, and with Optiv’s help working across networking teams and other departments, uncovered an additional 15-20 tools. Having this complete view allowed Optiv experts to turn to identifying unnecessary redundancies and determining which tools would best meet the needs of the business. 


Working closely with the business, tools were evaluated based on how well they met the organization’s security requirements, fit the way the organization’s security processes worked and impacted the overall costs. 


Leveraging the deep expertise within Optiv teams on vendor security technologies, opportunities for potential integrations between tools, areas of improvement for specific control areas (both functional and technical) and a roadmap with short-, mid- and long-term recommendations were compiled to guide the InfoSec team on cost-saving actions and reassure the business that unnecessary risk was not brought on.

Industry Served: Pharmaceutical

What Client Purchased

  • Technology Consolidation and Rationalization with Subject Matter Expert Evaluation (Level 2)
  • Security Technology Strategy Recommendations and Roadmap
  • Impact Analysis and Industry Framework Mapping (NIST CSF)

Optiv's Actions

  • Reviewed the client’s InfoSec strategy and initiatives to identify gaps, unnecessary redundancies or duplicate tools
  • Performed discovery workshops with a focus on each control area
  • Analyzed gathered data to build out potential integrations between tools
  • Developed a roadmap for consolidation and improvement, with short-, mid- and long-term recommendations

Client Outcomes

The director of security had in hand a visual of the Optiv security control mapping, an executive report of recommendations, and most importantly, an answer to how to save money over time. Working with Optiv, the businesses was able to act on:

  • $11 million in potential cost savings identified over a three-year period, specifically from product licensing and support
  • 16 redundancies identified and 23 potential integrations that would add functionality and improve threat intelligence while simultaneously maximizing current investments
  • Prioritized roadmap defined to guide the business to cost savings

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