Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CAM) 2023


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CAM 2023


As the cyber advisory and solutions leader, and a proud sponsor of CAM 2023, we believe in promoting cyber awareness and education this month and every month. To help, we are sharing weekly cybersecurity tips, best practices and insights each week in October. Together, we can build a foundation of positive cybersecurity hygiene that helps manage cyber risk.


A Tip a Day Keeps Threat Actors Away


This calendar provides simple, cyber-smart actions you can take each day of Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CAM). Turning these tips into habits is a great step toward making cybersecurity a central part of every month!


A Visual History of Cybersecurity

October 2023 marks 20 years of CAM! Take a trip with us down memory lane to see how cybersecurity threats and best practices have changed over the years.


More Great Cyber Resources



Elements of the CISO


The CISO Periodic Table™ delivers an up-to-date look at the security concerns, threats and opportunities facing the modern day CISO.


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Cybersecurity Dictionary 


Got cybersecurity questions? Our dictionary has answers. Explore our expanding repository of security-related terminology to get up to speed on the industry’s most relevant concepts, trends and solutions.


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Cybersecurity Education Deck


Reinforce the importance of cybersecurity best practices with your employees. Built by Optiv subject matter experts, this cybersecurity training deck can be used as a webinar and includes slides with timely statistics and best practices.


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