Awareness Month (CAM)


Protect Your Corner of Cyberspace

It’s Going to Take a Cyber Village

When it comes to protecting cyberspace, every single user has a role to play.


That’s probably why the theme for Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021 is “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.” (It’s also—*wink, wink*—why you should bookmark this page.) 


Throughout the month, this is where we’ll share updates on cyber awareness and results-focused action: blogs and vlogs from thought leaders, helpful resources, a weekly poster to display, plus a few Optiv services that can help protect your people and organization. 


Do your part by taking what you learn in October and applying it year-round. And of course, spread the word far and wide. After all, bringing safety and resilience to our interconnected world is going to take a group effort.

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Smart, informed and steadfast online practices can help you nerf cyber attacks. Maintain vigilance with our CAM 2021 newsletter. This year’s edition covers what to look out for while connected and how to keep yourself, your community and your organization safe.



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Weekly Content

Week 4 - Cybersecurity First


In Business, the First Casualty of Innovation Is Security


In Business, the First Casualty of Innovation Is Security 
Secure data is no longer “nice to have.” It’s a full-blown business imperative.
Learn how visibility, discovery and classification of cloud data prioritizes security, drives costs down and improves the customer experience.


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Third-Party Risk Management 


You’re building security into your products and processes, but how about your vendors and partners? How can you be sure? Optiv’s Third-Party Risk Management Services help you defend your extended ecosystem and mitigate cyber risk.


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Why Your Insider Risk Program Must Be Holistic


Optiv’s James Turgal and Wendy Overton discuss the most efficient ways for organizations to address insider risk. (Hint: you gotta eliminate silos.)


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Empowered People = Protected Organization


Human risk. Insider threats. No matter what you call it, people are your weakest link. One of the best ways to modify behavior is the correct training with the right partner.


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Make Data Privacy Your Priority – Get Your Reminder Poster


Security should be a priority, not an afterthought. For businesses, this means weaving it into every product and process. For individuals, it means keeping cybersecurity top of mind as you navigate the digital world daily. Do your part to spread awareness by posting, displaying or sharing this poster.


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