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Why Endpoint,

Why Now?



Advancements in artificial intelligence, decentralized workforces, rogue IoT and OT devices, unsecured employee devices and changing regulations are just a few of the reasons why securing your endpoints has become more challenging and more important than ever.


Over the past several decades, endpoint protection has changed as the threat landscape has shifted.


It’s time to focus on modernizing endpoint solutions, and one thing remains true for all organizations: legacy AV does not cut it anymore.



The leading cause of breaches is human error, accounting for over 80% of incidents1



When remote work is a factor in causing a data breach, the average cost per breach is $173,074 higher2



An estimated 90% of successful cyberattacks and 70% of successful data breaches originate at endpoint devices3



Cyber insurance premiums in the U.S. surged 50% in 2022, reaching $7.2 billion in premiums collected4


Modern endpoint protection platforms (EPP) and managed endpoint detection and response (MEDR) solutions deliver unparalleled value to today’s enterprises.


The visibility, maturity and protections these solutions offer make them the best places to invest for organizations managing the modern workforce. They decrease false positives, greatly reduce uncategorized risk and aid in compliance to fortify and evolve any organization’s security infrastructure.


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Staying Compliant and Insured

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Organizations must also consider regulatory compliance and modern cyber insurance requirements as part of their endpoint protection strategy.


Increased federal and state governance around endpoint data stored in the cloud can leave organizations at risk for investigation or fines, and leading regulatory requirements — including HIPAA, PCI and SOC 2 — require organizations to have an endpoint monitoring technology within their environment.


Organizations obtaining or renewing their cyber insurance policy that don’t have endpoint monitoring technology within their environment may face increased rates or lack of coverage.

Better Endpoint Protection Optiv and CrowdStrike

For years, Optiv experts have been evaluating the endpoint landscape and developing future-proof roadmaps for organizations facing modern endpoint challenges. Optiv has deployed and tuned CrowdStrike technology for clients for over a decade, providing a faster path to ROI.


Years of dedicated partnership


In joint sales

That’s why Optiv partners with CrowdStrike to offer clients the protection of the market-leading CrowdStrike Falcon® platform — optimized by Optiv’s industry-specific expertise — so they can streamline and enable modern endpoint transformation efforts.


Endpoint security clients


CrowdStrike certifications

Together, Optiv and CrowdStrike revolutionize cybersecurity. By combining CrowdStrike, a market leader in endpoint detection and response and Optiv, an industry leader in managed detection and response, we provide clients with a holistic cybersecurity solution to ensure a secure workplace.

Future-Proof Your Endpoint Strategy

The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform is an AI-native SOC platform that consolidates siloed security tools and data. By remaining innovative and leveraging a cloud-native architecture, a single platform, and an open and extensible ecosystem, CrowdStrike offers organizations faster results, better security and lower overall costs to help meet current endpoint security needs and address future concerns.



Secure your organization’s cyber infrastructure and get back to business faster with Optiv and CrowdStrike’s endpoint solutions.

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Optiv and CrowdStrike



Optiv and CrowdStrike partner together to help organizations better navigate the threat landscape, strengthen endpoint security and ultimately manage cyber risk to drive business outcomes.

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