Optiv + CrowdStrike

End-to-End Detection and Response



CrowdStrike secures the most critical areas of enterprise risk – endpoints, cloud workloads, identity and data – to keep customers ahead of today’s adversaries and stop breaches. Powered by the CrowdStrike Security Cloud, the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform leverages real-time indicators of attack, threat intelligence on evolving adversary tradecraft and enriched telemetry from across the enterprise to deliver hyper-accurate detections, automated protection and remediation, elite threat hunting and prioritized observability of vulnerabilities – all through a single, lightweight agent. With CrowdStrike, clients benefit from superior protection, better performance, reduced complexity and immediate time-to-value.



CrowdStrike Specializations:


  • Endpoints and XDR 

  • Cloud security 

  • Threat intelligence 

  • Identity protection 

  • Security and IT operations 



Why Clients Choose Optiv For CrowdStrike Security:


  • 8+ years of dedicated partnership

  • #1 seller of CrowdStrike products

  • 1,000+ clients served 24/7/365

  • 250k cases managed annually

  • 80+ threat management analysts

  • 350+ industry and vendor certifications

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Why Optiv + CrowdStrike


Transforming Your Security


Optiv and CrowdStrike revolutionize cybersecurity. By combining CrowdStrike, a market leader in endpoint detection and response and Optiv, an industry leader in managed detection and response, we provide clients with a holistic cybersecurity solution that extends beyond the endpoint. We deliver the detection, investigation and response to threats as well as isolate and contain affected security incidents. Our partnership provides clients with a fully managed security solution that maximizes their technology investment.


With Optiv and CrowdStrike, you gain the tools and services needed to implement solutions and respond to changing threats faster and more securely.

Optiv + CrowdStrike Solutions

Enterprise Security


Protect enterprise data, including the crown jewels, no matter where they live.


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Security Maturity


Hackers are notoriously persistent. Staying one step ahead means being just as persistent and taking a programmatic, iterative approach to your security.


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Cloud Security


Drive your cloud adoption journey and securely migrate workloads to the cloud.


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Endpoint Security


With more devices, come more threats. Secure your endpoints.


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Identity Advisory Services


Mature and modernize your identity and access management program.


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Identity Governance & Administration


Secure and simplify all your digital identities under a unified platform.


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Identity and Access Management


Manage user interactions and reduce the likelihood of cyber threat.


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Managed XDR (MXDR)


Leverage human and machine analysis for the most advanced threat detection and response available today. 24/7/365 monitoring and detection, rapid investigation and mitigation and expert threat identification and hunting are just the beginning.


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Attack and Penetration Testing


Evaluate your IT infrastructure to find and exploit vulnerabilities.


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Attacker Simulation/Red & Purple Team


Find exploitable vulnerabilities before the hackers do.


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Incident Readiness


Assess your organization’s readiness to respond to cyber incidents.


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Incident Response


Strengthen detection, response and recovery capabilities and decrease risk.


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Remediation Services


Certified experts can remediate global access issues, least privilege models and broken inheritance on behalf of Varonis.


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Threat Intelligence


Real-time global intelligence and analytics help you stay one step ahead of would-be attackers.


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CrowdStrike Initiatives

Real-Time Threat Platform

The CrowdStrike Security Cloud correlates trillions of security events per day with indicators of attack, the industry’s leading threat intelligence and enterprise telemetry from across customer endpoints, workloads, identities, DevOps, IT assets and configurations. Using world-class AI, the CrowdStrike Security Cloud creates actionable data, identifies shifts in adversarial tactics, and maps tradecraft in the patented Threat Graph to automatically prevent threats in real time across CrowdStrike’s global customer base.

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