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22 ways to protect yourself against phishing attacks

Hackers are clever and are always innovating new ways to breach cybersecurity defenses, so no single tactic is likely to afford 100% protection. But o...

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ATT&CK Series: Command and Control

In this post, we will review ATT&CK’s Command and Control techniques from an attacker’s point of view. The techniques covered here are not inclusive o...

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Cybersecurity Lapses Can Derail the M&A Train

Typical M&A concerns include overpaying for an acquired company and assimilating cultures. Executives often spend less time worrying about cybersecuri...

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Managing Security with MITRE ATT&CK

Optiv has been using the MITRE Adversary Tactics and Techniques and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK) framework to help clients strategically manage cybersecu...

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Closing the People, Processes and Technology Gap: How Innovation Can Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Program

Learn how to achieve the right combination of people, processes and technology to evolve your cybersecurity program.

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SOCs vs. AFCs: What’s the Difference?

Discover how an AFC differs from a traditional SOC and the top 10 best practices for implementing your own Advanced Fusion Center.

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The Evolution of Cybercrime

Fayyaz Rajpari, our Executive Services Director discusses this evolution with Ron Darnall, our senior direct of threat intelligence and Ken Dunham, ou...

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ATT&CK Series: Exfiltration

In this post, we will address some of the MITRE ATT&CK’s Exfiltration techniques and tactics, from an attacker’s point of view, that may be used to ex...

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Will the real SDP please stand up?

The term Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) has recently gained popularity and represents a new and agile way to provide secure access in a Zero Trust m...

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