Strengthening Identity Governance Using the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Platform

November 27, 2023

Identity Governance in Today's World

Today’s enterprise is driven by hundreds, if not thousands, of applications—including a rapidly growing set of cloud and SaaS applications. This ever-changing and expanding ecosystem of diverse applications and data stores is used by employees and third parties with different access rights. Secure, smooth application access and connectivity are essential for greater productivity and business success.


Securing identity is crucial to controlling operational risk and protecting against both cyber threats and human intervention—malicious or accidental. By appropriately authenticating and authorizing the access of users, devices and application access, identity security systems provide the foundation of digital trust and accountability throughout the modern enterprise.


Modern identity security provides a comprehensive, integrated solution that can manage and protect the identities of users, devices and applications across multiple platforms and domains. Leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), data analysis and advanced process automation, modern identity security offers business benefits beyond security: enhanced scalability and better user experiences supporting productivity, as well as reduced costs and risks to the enterprise.


A productive workforce requires an up-to-date identity security solution. Outdated systems cannot efficiently accommodate increasingly dynamic identity and access requirements—think work-from-anywhere (WFA) and third-party users—making for frustrating user experience and IT teams. Outdated systems typically do not offer intelligent self-service options designed to facilitate secure access and reduce support. They cannot easily be connected to other enterprise applications and systems.



The SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Platform Overview

The SailPoint Identity Security Cloud platform is a bundle of SaaS capabilities that make it easy to build the right identity security program wherever you are in your identity journey.


✓ Built with AI and machine learning as the foundation
✓ Delivers timely, optimal access for ALL of your identities
✓ Seamlessly integrates with existing systems and workflows
✓ Complete view and control of your enterprise security



The SailPoint Advantage

The SailPoint Identity Security Cloud platform, built on a foundation of AI and ML, delivers the right level of access to the right identities and resources at the right time – matching the scale, velocity and changing needs of today’s cloud-oriented, modern enterprise.


Continuous delivery means no upgrades and rapid value
Configuration vs. customization reduces the need for deep expertise
Multi-tenant microservice architecture provides scale and quality
SailPoint actively monitors and manages identity and IGA security, meaning you have no in-house infrastructure to manage



The SailPoint Differentiators

The SailPoint solution provides 360-degree visibility, insight and remediation to adapt and ensure the security of every identity. This platform automates and streamlines identity processes to better discover, manage and secure user access. It extends your ability to embed identity context across your hybrid environment, and it centrally manages and controls access to all data, applications, systems and cloud infrastructure for all identity types.


✓ Unmatched Intelligence
✓ Intelligent 360º visibility and insight
✓ Frictionless automation and streamlining of identity processes
✓ Comprehensive integration



The Identity Security Cloud Migration Business Drivers

The new, cloud-based reality requires an equally novel approach to ensure that the right users have the right access to the right systems, applications and data. Legacy IGA solutions are not able to sustain the speed of digital transformation due to the following common concerns:


✓ Upgrade fatigue due to need for new features or security updates
✓ Staffing issues around expertise requirements and total staffing needs
✓ Limited scalability for future organizational growth
✓ Higher management costs compared to cloud solutions



SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Migration Benefits

The SailPoint Identity Security Cloud platform is designed specifically to meet enterprises wherever they are, delivering the flexibility, ease-of deployment and user centricity needed in today’s complex IT environment. Here are some of the benefits of SailPoint Identity Security Cloud migration:


✓ Manage spending with no CapEx and predictable OpEx
✓ Focus on managing your identity program instead of hardware/software
✓ Show quick ROI through rapid deployment and reduced learning curve
✓ Eliminate the time, energy and money spent on upgrades
✓ Ensure technology stack security without directly managing it
✓ Enable a mobilized workforce
✓ Access new features released to the Identity Security Cloud every week, which are deployed automatically with zero downtime across all tenants
✓ No longer spend days/weeks performing tool upgrades
✓ No longer stuck using outdated or unsupported product versions
✓ Less time spent with technical support



Key Takeaways


The SaaS mindset is important to any sort of cloud transformation
Maturity matters because not all customers have implemented most features and opt for customization


SailPoint provides a complementary 7-step program for Identity Security Cloud Assessment. Learn more in the image below.


Strengthening Identity Governance _img1.png


Optiv can help organizations assess their Identity Security Cloud Migration. Optiv’s SailPoint Certified team of engineers will use proven execution methods to ensure rapid return on investments and enhanced Identity Security. Learn about our capabilities here and in the image below.


Strengthening Identity Governance _img2.png
Mahesh Khot
Practice Manager | Optiv
Mahesh Khot is an identity management professional with over 20 years of experience in developing organizational capabilities across cybersecurity and digital software development. At Optiv, Mahesh helps organizations develop, execute and optimize program strategies to enhance capabilities across identity governance and administration (IGA). Prior to joining Optiv, Mahesh led large-scale implementation efforts in identity and access management and held various roles in software development, as well as project team leadership.

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