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What is XDR – Extended Detection and Response?

XDR represents an emerging class of tools that aggregate and analyze data from multiple point products to help security operations teams improve the efficacy of threat detection and accelerate incident response.


XDR Tools

XDR tools harness telemetry from pre-built integrations, and interoperate with endpoint, network, email, cloud, SIEM/SOAR and other solutions.


In pursuit of expanded visibility, XDR is the logical evolution beyond single-product platforms like EDR (endpoint detection and response) or NDR (network detection and response).


XDR uses artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) techniques to correlate activity across these multiple solutions to help isolate true threats from all of the noise.


XDR tools have some overlapping capabilities with SIEM and SOAR solutions and it will be interesting to watch as vendors in these segments compete going forward.

XDR - Extended Detection and Response: Why It Matters


The quicker you can sniff out cyber threats, the quicker you can nip them in the bud. As the emergent successor of single-product platforms, XDR technology promises to improve, if not revolutionize, the ways in which impending threats are detected. 


It’s true that XDR brings visibility back to your data, but it also brings context surrounding all potential threats — which are analyzed, prioritized, hunted and remediated before they can wreak havoc on your organization.

The XDR – Extended Detection and Response Solution


With seas of data driven by technology to wade through on the daily, XDR allows you to restore clarity amid the chaos.  


Managed XDR

Optiv’s managed solution takes XDR a step further. Our MXDR is the only open ecosystem that breaks down the “walls,” allowing clients to bring their own tech. MXDR accelerates incident investigation (data and case enrichment, analysis, classification and response) while providing clients a threat-informed defense approach, rather than relying on (the availability of) humans. Of course, it’s also backed by our deep technical expertise, intelligence and unrivaled industry experience. 


Work with us and let us prove it.




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