2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence Estimate (CTIE)

This report offers insight into critical threat activities, threat actors and topics crucial to breach prevention, plus recommendations you should consider when making decisions about your cybersecurity programs and investments, as well as risk management.


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What's in the CTIE

Listen and Learn: 5 CTIE Podcasts

Optiv and select partners discuss what happened and what might happen, offering recommendations for improving your cybersecurity programs.


Critical CTIE Data Around the Who, What, Where and How

Optiv’s CTO, Todd Weber, discusses the company’s 2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence Estimate report, which provides an expert data-provisioned summary of today’s key threat activities, threat actors and topics crucial to current data breach prevention.

Digital Shadows

Verticals Most Impacted in the COVID-19 Era

Optiv and Digital Shadows’ Threat Researcher Kacey Clark discuss COVID-19 and the impact it has had to date on the Technology and Financial Services industries, as revealed in this year’s Optiv CTIE.

VMware/Carbon Black

Compliance and Incident Response: Relieving New Pressure

Optiv and VMware Carbon Black Head Cybersecurity Strategist Tom Kellerman discuss the pressures of compliance and incident response in today’s cyber world, as revealed in this year’s Optiv CTIE.
Palo Alto Networks

Your IoT is Too Open

Optiv and Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 Deputy Director of Threat Intelligence Jen Miller-Osborn discuss the outlook of securing IoT as supported by the 2020 Optiv Cyber Threat Intelligence Estimate.

Remote Work, Identity Changes and Security Concerns

Optiv and SailPoint Senior Security Strategist Mike Kiser discuss the profound changes in worker and user identities in today’s pandemic era. The podcast addresses the blending of identities and work from home advances and how cybersecurity is impacted.
August 12, 2020

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Here’s a comprehensive view of the cyber-threat landscape to help you mitigate risk and strengthen defenses.