Optiv’s 2023 Evaluation of Managed Security Services


Optiv survey finds companies with MSS/MDR solutions experience fewer cyber incidents.


Speed, budget and talent retention are vital to staying ahead of adversaries in today’s threat landscape. Many organizations rely on managed security solutions (MSS) to provide rapid protection, detection and response.


Optiv’s 2023 MSS and MDR Survey Report benchmarks market perceptions and priorities you can leverage to enhance your own defenses.



See the report and webinar for expert analysis on what drives and deters MSS/MDR adoption, including:


  • Benefits sought by organizations using MSS/MDR 
  • Client success and satisfaction 
  • Gaps and pain points


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July 11, 2023

We are in the midst of a massive paradigm shift in security deployment – one that goes beyond defense-in-depth. Zero Trust builds on the concepts of “don’t trust anyone” (least privilege), “divide and conquer” (network segmentation) and “who-are-you-where-are-you-and-what-are-you-accessing” (risk-based) access.


And your new perimeter? It’s Identity. And it can strengthen network, application and data protection.


Dive deep into this and more. Optiv’s Field Guide #6: Zero Trust Guiding Principles includes:


  • An introduction to Zero Trust
  • Optiv’s core Zero Trust principles
  • How to visualize your Zero Trust journey


You’ll come away with an understanding of how to explain Zero Trust frameworks to your peers and strategies for using it in your organization.