In a time of unprecedented remote work and sophisticated security threats, Optiv and Fortinet partner for proven security solutions and services that maximize efficiency, reduce complexity, lower total cost of ownership, and reduce risk. Optiv and Fortinet have partnered to offer proven security solutions, services, and an integrated fabric while reducing complexity and risks.


Together for stronger security


Broad, integrated, and automated security platform.

Digital innovation is disrupting all industries, and security must keep pace to address an expanding attack surface, the proliferation of numerous “edges,” from data center to cloud, and a worldwide adjustment to remote work. Together, Optiv and Fortinet offer the ultimate in security expertise and services combined with world-class, third-party-validated solutions, from next-generation firewalls (NGFW) and software-defined wide-area-networking (SD-WAN), to secure wireless, virtual private networks (VPN), network access control (NAC), and operational technology (OT) security. The Fortinet vision for security-driven networking is backed by a broad, integrated, automated platform that delivers security anywhere and everywhere, and leverages AI-driven processes to make teams more efficient.


Optiv and Fortinet help you develop and maintain an end-to-end security strategy. Optiv’s security team offers a suite of managed services to help you define strategies, identify threats, and deploy the right technologies. The Fortinet Security Fabric combines best-in-class security solutions with robust threat intelligence across WANs, endpoints, email, VPNs, OT, and cloud platforms.

Why clients choose Optiv for Fortinet:


  • 55+ Fortinet Certified Professionals 
  • We serve more than 7,000 clients in 65+ countries 
    • 81% of Fortune 100
  • 10,000 Security technology projects delivered annually 
  • 800+ Field staff dedicated to client success 
  • 500+ Technology consultants on staff 
  • Certified cybersecurity experts in:
    • Healthcare
    • Finance
    • Manufacturing
    • Education
    • Retail
    • Aerospace
    • Government

Trusted security integration and automation across your organization


As a proven and experienced partner, Optiv has created a wide range of services dedicated to Fortinet. Our intimate understanding of the Fortinet Security Fabric and platform are designed to help clients enhance agility and boost their security program. 


We deliver an innovative and integrated approach to help break down security technology silos and maximize the effectiveness of your Fortinet security solutions. We tailor our flexible offerings to address your complex security problems and deliver better alignment for your unique business requirements. We provide the expertise, experience and resources required to support and manage your Fortinet technology.





Optiv has extensive experience in conducting assessments to measure your Fortinet technology solutions and management capabilities across your deployment.

Authorized Support Icon


Authorized Support


Frontline technology product support from our highly skilled, certified security engineers that act as a single point of contact for troubleshooting issues related to your security devices.

Orchestration and Automation Icon


Orchestration and Automation


Increase efficiencies by automating duplicative and manual business functions, processes and tools. We help clients unlock hidden ROI and run their organization securely and efficiently.


Health Checks


Optiv offers a high-level review of your Fortinet technology solutions complete with recommendations for improvement.

Cloud Transformation Icon


Cloud Transformation


Drive your secure cloud adoption journey and securely migrate workloads to the cloud.

Implementation and Integration Icon


Implementation and Integration


Optiv’s Implementation and Integration services help break down security technology silos to maximize the effectiveness of your security program. We improve agility and boost your investments by integrating Fortinet technologies into your existing environment.


Managed Security Services (MSS)


Optiv’s MSS offerings provide monitoring and management services designed to reduce operational challenges, improve network security posture and maximize the efficiency of your Fortinet solutions with our 24x7x365 support.


Fortinet Solutions

  • Secure SD-WAN Security Driven networking – Traditional WAN architectures can only route everything through MPLS. A Fortinet SD-WAN solution, implemented by Optiv, provides the benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), public cloud apps, and unified communications while improving remote worker performance, ensuring secure application usage, and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Secure Remote Access for Your Workforce at Scale – New remote workforce dynamics expose firms to a host of security risks and increased attacks. Optiv and Fortinet offer advanced security controls for remote teleworkers including FortiGate virtual private networks, FortiToken identity authentication, FortiAp secure connectivity, and FortiGate next generation firewalls (NGFWs).
  • Securing Critical Infrastructure with Fortinet (OT) – Almost half of all IT budgets are slated to Remote Digital Transformation (RDX), which includes the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) networks. OT connects computer networks to analog systems like conveyor belts, HVAC, and molding machines but introduces security risks. The Fortinet Security Fabric offers OT security by integrating an automated security architecture to deliver visibility, control, and real-time traffic analysis to proactively neutralize threats.
  • Fortinet Cloud Service Hub in AWS – Cloud: Distributed environments and increased teleworker demands require a more robust and secure cloud strategy. Optiv and Fortinet provide efficient and fast migration and optimization to implement a multi-cloud security strategy. Optiv security experts can help deploy the Fortinet Security Fabric and Fortinet Dynamic Cloud Security for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to extend seamless security across distributed cloud deployments. Integrated defenses, including FortiGate NGFWs and FortiWeb to protect web applications, ensure risk-free cloud integration.

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To get started, learn more about our complimentary Security Program Foundation Assessment to determine where Optiv and Fortinet may be able to strengthen or optimize your security posture.


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