Why IAM Is a Top
Cybersecurity Priority


Identity and access management (IAM): It’s officially critical as digital transformation, compliance and work-from-home requirements increase, making your security perimeter more fluid and dynamic.



The Topics and Summaries


Take a Look Inside

Mature IAM programs balance security, compliance enablement perspectives and stakeholder requirements. So how can you get there? Remember, IAM is more than technology. It’s also people and processes – and every single part is crucial. Our guide tackles them all.

October 01, 2021

Where does IAM belong in your security program?  Dive deeper into your options. They are key components of IAM that can be harnessed on-premises and in hybrid and cloud environments to help you deploy and manage a more successful IAM program.


Optiv’s Field Guide #7 includes topics like:


  • Access management and privileged access management
  • Identity governance
  • Identity in modern frameworks
  • Communications
  • How Zero Trust, SASE, DIEM and CIEM relate to IAM


Download this guide to better understand IAM and the strategies for using it in your cybersecurity program.

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