Optiv and Mandiant

Threat Intelligence Solutions With a Single Platform



Effective security is based on the right combination of expertise, intelligence and adaptive technology, and that’s why Mandiant is a trusted partner to security-conscious organizations. Now, get the power of Mandiant in a single platform with the launch of Mandiant Advantage.


The Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform scales decades of frontline experience and industry-leading threat intelligence to deliver a range of dynamic cyber defense solutions. Mandiant’s vendor-independent approach helps organizations develop best-fit cybersecurity programs, readying them to defend against and respond to cyber threats.


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Mandiant Specializations:


  • Threat Intelligence
  • Active Breach and Intel Monitoring
  • Security Validation
  • Ransomware Defense Validation
  • Attack Surface Management
  • XDR
  • Alert Prioritization and Investigation
  • Consulting Services

Optiv and Mandiant Working Together to Keep You Secure


The Mandiant Advantage SaaS offering allows Optiv to create unique solutions by pairing the right products and services to provide customers with full-service delivery on their security maturity journey.


Optiv leverages Mandiant’s world-class threat intelligence to support environments of all sizes, regardless of their security products or teams.


Together, Optiv and Mandiant can provide security maturity visibility and recommendations to empower your organization’s security C-level and communicate competence.



Super-charge your existing security investments

Enhance your security capabilities through automation of Mandiant expertise as a virtual extension of your team - no matter which security controls you have deployed.



Enhance your visibility and prioritization

See the threats Mandiant sees targeting you and your peers and continuously monitor your attack surface and internal controls to drive prioritization and focus. 



Gain advantage quickly and scale efficiently

SaaS-based approach deploys in hours, scales with your environment and delivers consistent expert analysis without the need for extensive and costly manual efforts.



Flexible Delivery

The Mandiant Advantage Platform is delivered as technology, with supporting expertise or a fully managed engagement based on your requirements.

Optiv and Mandiant Solutions


Discover a new direction in threat intelligence with Mandiant’s services:

Technology Rationalization


Get the full picture of what technology solutions are available to you.


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Managed XDR (MXDR)


Leverage human and machine analysis for the most advanced threat detection and response available today.


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Attack and Penetration Testing


Evaluate your IT infrastructure to find and exploit vulnerabilities.


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Attacker Simulation/Red & Purple Team


Find exploitable vulnerabilities before a hacker can.


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Incident Readiness


Assess your organization’s readiness to respond to cyber incidents.


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Incident Response


Strengthen detection, response and recovery capabilities and decrease risk.


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Remediation Services


Certified experts can remediate global access issues, least privilege models and broken inheritance on behalf of Mandiant.


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Threat Intelligence


Real-time global intelligence and analytics to help you stay one step ahead of would-be attackers.


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Risk Automation


Define, assign, track and resolve risks.


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Risk Management


Align strategies to business objectives, consistent with regulations to manage risk.


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Mandiant Initiatives

The Mandiant Advantage

An SaaS Platform That Works For You


Discover what Mandiant provides to you with a single platform. The launch of Mandiant Advantage SaaS offers threat intelligence, security validation, automated defense and attack surface management.
Mandiant Advantage is a SaaS platform that provides a controls-agnostic suite of products to help organizations understand their external and internal risks and provides the automation to operationalize it effectively and efficiently. 


Mandiant Advantage is powered by the Mandiant Intel Grid™


The Mandiant Intel Grid delivers relevant, up-to-the-moment threat intelligence and expertise to help you respond to the threats that matter to your organization. Our unique blend of adversary, operational, machine and breach intelligence are derived from the analyst research, managed offerings and the hundreds of incident response engagements Mandiant conducts every year.


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