Optiv Managed XDR (MXDR)


Experience. Expertise. XDR. Anticipate Your Threats. Don’t Go It Alone.


You read the papers. Attackers are stealthy, relentless and motivated – and might use the same tools you do. They hide in your environment and quickly expand access.


Meanwhile you:


  • Deal with chaos – how many unintegrated tools are in your environment?
  • Have too much data from too many sources and not enough automation.
  • Don’t have the people … or you do, but they are buried or in the weeds. 


Enter Optiv MXDR. Rest easy. We’ve got this.

The average time to identify and contain a breach is 280 days at a cost of $3.86M.*



Truly Accelerated Threat Detection and Response


So … what does Optiv MXDR do FOR YOU? Optiv IT delivers:


Managed Service is technology independent, no lock-in

Deep Expertise

Technical expertise across an enormous security tools landscape

Actionable Insights

Deliver actionable insights that mitigate risk (AND we can take that action for you)

Unrivaled Experience

Seasoned cybersecurity staff with proven processes, methodologies & terrain

The punchline? We reveal known and emerging threats, take decisive action and enhance your security posture.


Optiv MXDR is the only unified platform that automates incident investigation–– enrichment, analysis, classification and response–– rather than relying on (scarce) humans. 


That’s the mic drop moment. 


Work with us and let us prove it.

Optiv MXDR Delivers



Field Guide #8: How to Simplify and Strengthen Security with Managed XDR


It’s the most advanced threat detection and response (D&R) available. But what is MXDR? This guide breaks down the evolution of D&R; compares MXDR to MDR and XDR; explains how it works; and demonstrates how it can improve security results while reducing risk. 


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Time for a New Approach to Threat Detection and Response


Limiting your organization’s exposure to risks requires a managed platform and service that anticipates and mitigates security concerns. Enter Optiv Managed XDR. This infographic dives deeper into our game-changing threat management solution: Get a what, where, how and why of MXDR.


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Optiv Flash Panel: Managed XDR


Join Optiv’s Flash Panel of thought leaders and experts as they explore our new managed XDR solution and discuss how gaining real-time visibility across all your business-critical technology can help you discover, investigate and remediate cyber breaches faster than traditional SIEMs. 


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Optiv MXDR Service Brief


Optiv MXDR offers full transparency and strengthens your defenses against attack. The service integrates into your current security infrastructure. Working with Optiv, you’ll be equipped to reveal known and emerging threats, take decisive action and protect against the most consequential threats.


Dig Deeper into Optiv’s MXDR


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Our MXDR Experts Have Excelled Here Before


We’ve done this for clients for years and perfected it—our goal: to keep businesses moving forward at speed. What about the future? We know where things are headed, and they’ll evolve even further and faster. Never fear. We’ll be here with answers.



Global delivery centers


Full-time security practitioners


Threat management analysts


Industry and vendor certifications

Industry-Proven Expertise

  • Certified experts use threat intelligence from Optiv’s ThreatDNA
  • Threat management solutions delivered to >60% of Fortune 500 companies.

Our Goals

  • Reduce complexity
  • Increase transparency
  • Be future-built

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