Optiv and Okta

Harness the power of Okta’s unparalleled cloud-based identity solutions, combined with Optiv’s wealth of Identity and

Data Management services, to protect data effectively and efficiently.



Okta is a leading independent identity provider. The Okta Identity Cloud enables organizations to securely connect the right people to the right technologies at the right time. 


With more than 7,000 pre-built integrations to applications and infrastructure providers, Okta provides simple and secure access to people and organizations everywhere, giving them the confidence to reach their full potential. More than 10,000 organizations trust Okta to help protect the identities of their workforces and customers.





  • Identity management

  • Workforce identity management 

  • Customer identity access management

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Valuing Your Identity Solutions


Okta provides leading cloud-based identity solutions that can enable business and secure user experiences, without the burden of ongoing management. As a strategic SSI partner of Okta, Optiv provides a range of services, from strategic consulting to implementation, to ensure you are extracting the most value from your identity solutions.


Optiv and Okta can help you plan, build and run strategic identity and data management programs that provide value to the business and secure interactions without the friction of lengthy and costly implementation projects.



Why clients choose Optiv for Okta:


  • Okta 2020 Americas Partner of the Year

  • 16+ years average experience of Optiv’s Identity and Data Management team

  • 100,000+ IDM hours delivered annually

  • 100+ IDM strategic advisors and delivery experts

  • 1,500 cybersecurity experts in: healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, retail, aerospace, government, oil and gas and more

Okta Initiatives

Workforce Identity


Identity access for your work ecosystem. Protect and enable your people. Workforce identity gives employees, contractors and partners the freedom to focus on their best work with a secure identity solution.

Customer Identity


Create frictionless registration and login for your apps. Get support for your most important customer-facing initiatives. Build authentication into any app. Create secure experiences by offloading customer identity management to Okta.

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