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The Optiv partnership with Palo Alto Networks allows us to innovate together with our clients, offering a prevention-focused architecture and end-to-end integrated solutions. We have designed solutions specifically focused on business outcomes that solve our client’s largest and most complex cybersecurity and digital challenges. Get started with our complimentary Security Program Foundation Assessment.


Together for Stronger Security


Transforming the way people and organizations operate for a secure future.

Accelerating digital transformation initiatives are dramatically expanding business complexity and the attack surface, leading organizations to face increasing cybersecurity challenges. We’ve designed solutions specifically focused on business outcomes that solve some of your largest and most complex cybersecurity and digital challenges. Optiv helps break down security technology silos to maximize effectiveness and deliver best-in-class capabilities from Palo Alto Networks’ integrated platform. Designed to connect and secure everything, our solutions result in a simplified and highly effective networking and security program.



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Why clients choose Optiv for Palo Alto Networks:

  • 6 dedicated Palo Alto Networks subject matter experts with 100+ professional accreditations
  • 430 Unique Technical Certifications
  • 32 Delivery Consultants
  • 140+ Solution Architects
  • Leader in Palo Alto Networks CYBERFORCE Technical Recognition Program
  • 50+ Members and 5 Heroes
  • 2019 CYBERFORCE Partner of the Year
  • 93% Customer Satisfaction Score for Palo Alto Networks Implementation Services and Frontline Support.
  • Optiv Elite Authorized Support Center
  • Accredited Authorized Training Center

Unleash the potential of your Palo Alto Networks Solutions with Optiv Services


Optiv’s comprehensive portfolio of security operations services and solutions are designed to help you maximize your Palo Alto Networks technology investment. We provide the expertise, experience and resources required to support and manage your Palo Alto Networks technology. Our experts help optimize your security program and can even serve as a remote extension of your security staff.


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Optiv has extensive experience in conducting Best Practice Assessments to measure your Palo Alto Networks technology solutions and management capabilities across your deployment. We enable you to make adjustments that maximize your ROI and strengthen your security program.

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Health Checks


Optiv offers a high-level review of your Palo Alto Networks technology solutions complete with recommendations for improvement. We’ll help you optimize and enhance your solutions features and configurations by ensuring alignment with proven best practices.

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Orchestration and Automation


Increase efficiencies by automating duplicative and manual business functions, processes and tools. We’ll unlock hidden ROI and to help run your organization securely and efficiently with Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR and XSOAR.



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Elite Authorized Support


Get frontline technology product support from our highly skilled, certified security engineers who act as a single point of contact for troubleshooting issues related to your security devices. Tier 1 and 2 Authorized Support for Palo Alto Networks NGFW and Cortex CXDR Prevent.


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Cloud Transformation


Drive your secure cloud adoption journey and securely migrate workloads to the cloud. Our Cloud Threat Monitoring and Compliance Service – powered by Prisma Cloud – applies continuous adaptive risk and threat analysis to multi-cloud environments. We augment your threat monitoring capabilities and help enable compliance by continuously monitoring and protecting your business from evolving risks 24/7.


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Managed Security Services (MSS)


Optiv’s MSS offerings provide monitoring and management services designed to fit a wide variety of solutions, technologies, industries, and budgets. We reduce operational challenges, improve network security posture and maximize the efficiency of your Palo Alto Networks solutions with our 24x7x365 support for: Managed Firewall Services, Panorama/Platform Management, and Cortex XDR Endpoint Device Management.

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Implementation and Integration


Our Implementation and Integration services help break down security technology silos to maximize the effectiveness of your security program. We improve agility and boost your investments by integrating Palo Alto Networks technologies into your existing environment. Our experts and services are readily available to help you securely implement:

VM Series firewall, Twistlock, Prisma Access and SaaS, and Cortex XDR Prevent.

Palo Alto Networks Solutions

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Secure the Enterprise


Prevent attacks with the industry-leading network security suite, which lets you embrace network transformation while consistently securing users, applications, and data, no matter where they reside.


13 Things Your Firewall Must Do

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Secure the Cloud


Prisma Cloud offers the industry’s broadest security and compliance coverage—for applications, data, and the entire cloud native technology stack—throughout the development lifecycle and across multi- and hybrid cloud environments.


Prisma Cloud at-a-Glance

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Secure the Future


The industry’s most comprehensive product suite for security operations empowering your enterprise with best-in-class detection, investigation, automation and response capabilities.


Cortex XSOAR at-a-glance

XDR: Enterprise-scale Detection and Response

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What's Next?


To get started, learn more about our complimentary Security Program Foundation Assessment to determine where Optiv and Palo Alto Networks may be able to strengthen or optimize your security posture.


Amplify Your Cybersecurity Journey


Know where you are now, and what is next – with Optiv and our Partners.