Optiv + Rapid7

Visibility, Analytics and Automation Simplified



The Rapid7 Insight Platform equips you with the visibility, analytics and automation you need to unite your teams and work faster (and smarter). Security, IT and development now have one-click access to vulnerability management, application security, incident detection and response, automation and more.


Your team members can focus on strategic priorities with the confidence knowing that operations are running smoothly in the background. We work together to make sure you’re getting the right security outcomes based on your organization’s business goals.




  • XDR and SIEM

  • Threat intelligence

  • Vulnerability management

  • Orchestration and automation (SOAR)

  • Cloud security

  • Dynamic application security testing

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Optiv + Rapid7 Helping You Protect Your Future

Optiv and Rapid7 partnered together to help you reduce risk across your entire connected environment so your company can focus on what matters most. Optiv’s comprehensive portfolio of security operations services and solutions are designed to help you optimize your cyber defenses and breakdown siloed technology solutions.


We’ll help you better understand your attack surface, manage vulnerabilities and automate your security operations to stop attacks. Our approach extends throughout the complete cybersecurity lifecycle and is designed to help businesses advise, deploy and operate successful cybersecurity programs.

Rapid7 Initiatives

Prioritizing Risk with Clarity

InsightVM not only provides visibility into the vulnerabilities in your modern IT environment — including local, remote, cloud, containerized and virtual infrastructure — but also clarity into how those vulnerabilities translate into business risk, and which are most likely to be targeted by attackers.

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Optiv Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) is a comprehensive cloud-based, next-generation advanced threat detection and response service that ingests data across various layers of technologies to corollate, normalize and enrich in real-time activity with automated responses.



SIEM Services


Our services are designed to help implement, migrate, mature and even manage your SIEM/UEBA environment.

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