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MSSQL Agent Jobs for Command Execution

· By Nicholas Popovich · 0 Comments

The primary purpose of the Optiv attack and penetration testing (A&P) team is to simulate adversarial threat activity in an effort to test the efficacy of defensive security controls. Testing is meant to assess many facets of organizational security programs by using real-world attack scenarios.

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Strategy and Tactics: Penetration Testing in the Security Program

· By Heather Pilkington · 0 Comments

In the war of information security, the eldritch horror of knowing resides in the bowels of the vulnerability scanning report. Before, you might have had uncomfortable uncertainty, but you now have assertions that your environment is treacherous.

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Tip of the Spear: Phishing or SpearPhishing?

· By Todd Salmon · 0 Comments

Ever wonder what the difference between phishing and spearphishing is? What about whaling? As someone in the information security business, I get asked about that a lot. Here's a quick overview highlighting those differences.

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