Optiv’s CMMC Capabilities

Our experienced team can help you navigate your Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) journey across all aspects of people, processes and technology.

CMMC: More than a controls audit.


At Optiv, we think about the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) differently. Most organizations view this as another compliance check-the-box requirement, not realizing the impact CMMC can have on their entire company if implemented in a silo. 


This is more than a compliance audit; it’s a new way of doing business with the Federal Government. Without a certification at one of five maturity levels, an existing or potential defense contractor will not be able to view nor bid on new contracts once CMMC is fully implemented. This, along with new interim requirements going into effect November 30, 2020, means the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) must prove compliance through a CMMC Independent Third-Party Auditor (C3PAO) or risk losing any future business with the DOD. 


Meeting CMMC requirements without slowing down your business isn’t easy. That’s why Optiv is here to help you think through a fully integrated federal business strategy. In addition to process and practice requirements, we guide you through your business growth, regulatory compliance, contract compliance, and operational needs to design a sustainably compliant and scalable solution. 






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General David H. Petraeus, USA (Ret.)
Partner, KKR
Chairman, KKR Global Institute
Optiv Board of Directors

“U.S. businesses are experiencing a dramatic escalation of threats in cyberspace – from nation states, criminal organizations, extremists, company insiders, and hactivists – and the threats have been growing in sophistication, as well.


Moreover, all of this has come at a time of transformation in how businesses operate as a result of the measures taken to reduce the spread of the global pandemic. The combination of increased threats and new vulnerabilities has made cybersecurity ever more difficult.


Nowhere is the substantial increase in the quantity and quality of threats in cyberspace more important than in the companies that are part of the supply chain of the Defense Industrial Base; indeed, cybersecurity shortcomings in those companies can result in serious damage to federal operations and compromise our national security.


American firms must upgrade their cyber defenses, and Optiv is determined to provide American companies with the most effective and most efficient comprehensive, integrated, managed cybersecurity solution possible.”

Contracts with DOD require deep knowledge


Get it right the first time.


As an information security leader, you are challenged by evolving information security requirements and the threat of intrusion and data leakage – now more than ever. And, as a DOD Contractor, you are ultimately responsible for addressing the risks specific to your environment and furnishing adequate security.


Yet you face these challenges:

Insufficient Resources
Compliance can be time-intensive and technology capabilities can be cumbersome (E.g., monitoring the network, penetration testing, etc.). Federal contractors frequently do not have the resources to comply with CMMC requirements.


Lack of Formalization
Over 60% of the effort to comply with CMMC Level 3 requirements are based on formalization and documentation aspects (E.g., policies, procedures and resourcing plans). Getting the support and resources to focus on the time-intensive task of documenting how requirements will be met and by who, rather than the technology capabilities carrying these processes out, is not always easy. 

Inadequate Training and Awareness
Often, federal security requirements are new to your internal stakeholders. Key contractors need to understand the requirements they must abide by and their importance to national security.


Optiv understands the challenges faced by Federal Contractors and has an established team of cybersecurity professionals experienced in national security, compliance, and security program transformation who are ready to help commercial entities achieve CMMC compliance. 

Contact us, and we can:

Advise and collaboratively strategize on an approach that works for your business. We can develop an overarching federal business and CUI protection strategy, leveraging your existing resources to protect your current and potential revenue.

Implement a federal business and CUI protection strategy which may include organizational design, governance, processes and a compliant and scalable technology stack to successfully adhere to CMMC requirements.

Operate and continuously monitor your federal business environment, designed to protect sensitive data. Unique opportunities and compliance needs are evolving, and your business needs to be prepared for recurring audits and a dynamic landscape.