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Integrate digital access with data management to strengthen cybersecurity.

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Identity and Data Management - A new perspective.

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Elevate your organization's digital transformation goals and agility

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Enable end-users to quickly and securely access company assets on and off-prem

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Empower you to maximize your data to grow revenue, innovate products and delight customers

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Improve the effectiveness of your IT’s identity management process and stay ahead of the ever-changing ecosystem

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What are your Identity and Access Management challenges?

Digital transformation creates extreme opportunity and risk.

In an economy driven by information, data is always every organization’s most critical asset. Cyber criminals almost always start an attack by compromising credentials. From there, they move to other levels of privileged access escalation until they reach their goal – data.

Data today is:

  • Created at an unprecedented volume and velocity
  • Resides in more places across dynamic, distributed and hybrid infrastructures
  • Accessed by more people, in more ways, and on more devices than ever before

With this exponential data growth and digital transformation, we are seeing a shift toward Identity and Data Management (IDM) from Identity and Access Management (IAM). While IAM is critical to an overall security strategy, IDM is gaining attention with concerns related to increased cloud adoption and the rapid growth of unstructured data and the lack of data classification and ownership.

This is where Optiv comes in.

We’re your integrated partner and together we can collaborate on a tailored solution encompassing all domains of identity and data, supporting your business growth, and strengthening your security footing.

And we’ve done this before. As the founding member of Identity Defined Security Alliance, we are committed to creating and promoting industry best practices, use cases and integration architectures that support client business goals.

Our process.

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Advisory: Business Integration

Subject matter expertise. Trusted Advisors. Our depth and breadth of industry, product and solution research and bench create objectivity.

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Integration and Innovation: Technical Integration

Symbiotic and tight integration with vendors enable us to train our resources on leading technologies – we integrate appropriate technologies aligned to business drivers.

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Operations: Operational Integration

On-demand capabilities to support post-deployment, follow-the-sun capabilities and cost-effective solutions.

Our Process Diagram

Comprehensive Identity and Data Management.

With the exponential growth in unstructured data each year, coupled with cloud adoption and IoT devices, it is critical that organizations address their IDM program.

Identity and Data Management Diagram

Deploying an effective Identity and Data Management Program results in your organization:

  • Avoiding regulatory fines and quickly meeting audit requests and requirements
  • Enabling secure and compliant digital transformations
  • Creating a positive customer/end-user experience leading to adoption, retention and brand loyalty
  • Effectively allocating and managing budgetary roadmap
  • Gaining cost efficiencies by automating processes and modernizing technology stack
  • Managing risk through proper control of organization’s structured and unstructured data and identities

Meet the Optiv team.

Our Identity and Data Management programs help clients navigate the complexities of digital transformation, maximizing their data and growing their business. The consumerization of IT has generated a daunting amount of data, which most organizations struggle to manage. We work with you to identify and protect your organization’s crown jewels by developing and implementing the policies needed to secure your data while enabling a positive user experience.

We’re former CISOs, security technologies and operations experts leveraging a "been there, solved that" perspective you can trust.

  • Certified security solutions and third-party integration experts
  • Extensive backgrounds with hundreds of security technologies
  • PMP-and PRINCE2-certified project managers
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), CISA, CISM, CIPM, CRISC, CCISO, CCSK, PCI-QSA, GIAC Certifications
"Our favorite part of working with Optiv is being able to have the technical conversations and get real recommendations. Optiv helps meet business and security outcomes."
- Large retail client, 2018
No more chaos. You need clarity.

Many organizations suffer from technology overload with more than a dozen discrete IDM solutions and sometimes one big glaring problem: How do you know what’s really working and, if you do, are you seeing the full return from these investments? And, in the world of serious enterprise security – partial “working okay, not great fixes” aren’t enough. We save security from itself by providing battle-tested solution sets, delivering you the clarity and operational precision to get your security tight and right.

A move toward a holistic, strategic IDM program ensures secure and uniform access to cloud, IoT and on-premise assets for your organization. Data governance and protection and user lifecycle management is streamlined, providing visibility, control and governance into who has access to both structured and unstructured data regardless of its location.

Identity Governance Icon

Enables the control and management of identity-related data and how data is processed across the organization is taken into account while streamlining the user lifecycle process and self-service management.

Access Management Icon

Assists in developing a secure and uniform digital experience for employees, customers and vendors by securely enabling access to business system resources and data from the cloud, IoT, devices and on-prem.

Data Governance and Protection Icon

Offers visibility, compliance, privacy and control over sensitive customer and corporate data that lives on-premise or in the cloud ensuring you are empowered to maximize data to grow revenue, evolve products and delight customers.

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