Risk Management and Transformation

Solve critical challenges standing in the way of true, risk-based security programs.



What’s in a successful Risk Management and Transformation program?

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Assessment of your security footing, data privacy impact, maturity and gaps relating to appropriate regulations (PCI, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, etc.) and frameworks (NIST, ISO, etc.) 



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Develop a strategy reflecting your organization’s business goals




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Implement an iterative risk management and transformation program leveraging the most advanced technology and best practices




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Optimize  through constant learning and evolution with business goals and the fluid cybersecurity threat landscape

What are your Risk Management and Transformation challenges?

Today, your organization may be struggling in three key areas to address these changes:


  • Lack of Risk/Data Governance: Your organization may be having difficulty understanding the context around where your important data is, how it’s being protected, who has access to it and who should have access to it. Additionally, as those variables change, how does that change the risk profile of that critical data?
  • Volume and Velocity of Change: The amount of data being created, utilized and shared is increasing exponentially. Moving data to and from the cloud, the introduction IoT devices, and other digital transformation are overwhelming security teams.
  • Difficulty Articulating Health: Not being able to articulate the status and health of your security program to leadership and boards of directors, preventing clarity in their understanding of security’s place in your organization’s overall strategy and how it can be a business driver.

Our process.

In addition to comprehensive, integrated design-to-management projects you can benefit from our point services in each of these three areas.


Privacy and Governance

Privacy and Governance

Align strategies to business objectives, consistent with regulations, in order to manage risk.



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Cyber Resilience

Adapt to volume and velocity of change through sustainable and well-structured risk management capabilities.



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Risk Optimization

Optimize risk capabilities to effectively report security posture and influence better decision making and improve overall business health.

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New challenges, new opportunities.


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Risk Management initiatives are forging new cybersecurity frontiers, requiring stronger resilience in people, processes and technology along with new, risk-based business strategies.


We can help your organization:


  • Understand the context around your important data: where it is, how it is being protected, who has access and who should have access. As these variables evolve, how is your risk profile affected?
  • Recognize how the volume and velocity of change impacts data management and prepare your teams to keep up and anticipate the challenges headed your way, making sure IT isn’t slowing down the pace of the business.
  • Articulate the health of your security performance in business terms, making sure the organization understands security’s place in its overall strategy.

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Meet the Optiv team.

Risk Management requires stronger resilience in people, processes and technology along with new, risk-based business strategies.


We’re former CISOs, security technologies and operations experts leveraging a "been there, solved that" perspective you can trust.


  • Certified security solutions and third-party integration experts
  • Extensive backgrounds with hundreds of security technologies
  • PMP-and PRINCE2-certified project managers
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), CISA, CISM, CIPM, CRISC, CCISO, CCSK, PCI-QSA, GIAC Certifications

"My definition of service would be everything we get from Optiv, not just what the MSSP does. The team has been invaluable to us with their knowledge and insights."


- Large retail client, 2018

A business partner for strategic risk management.

Regardless of where you are along the risk management path, we can help. From strategy development to assessments to implementation to operations, we provide you the freedom to focus on growing your business.


Our portfolio includes the following:


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Privacy and Governance

Deep, strategic assessments of your organization’s Privacy & Governance, Data Security, Risk, Maturity and Gap, Compliance and Privacy.




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Cyber Resilience 

Cyber program development assuring alignment with relevant regulations and frameworks, Risk and Vulnerability Management and Patch Management standards and best practices.




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Risk Optimization

Risk Transformation and Optimization Services provide critical insight and operational excellence through Security and Risk Program Optimization, Third Party Risk Management, Virtual CISO, Integrated Risk Management, GRC/IRM Platform Staffing and Management and Risk Metrics Development offerings.