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Cyber Resilience

Remain vigilant, adaptive and responsive with our Cyber Resilience services.

Get Proactive

Strategic resilience across your organization

The digital and cybersecurity landscape never stops evolving and successful organizations need to evolve with it, regardless of their maturity.

The absence of a sound Cyber Resilience strategy often leads to rear-guard failover tactics which don’t really address the core problem. A strategic risk reduction strategy demands that resilience be integrated as a foundational capacity. Otherwise, cybersecurity acts as a drag on the business instead of propelling it forward.

How do we do it?

We’ll help you develop, implement and run vulnerability, threat, data governance, third-party risk management programs, and more, assuring compliance with all relevant standards and frameworks, including NIST and ISO27001.

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Design Process

Adaptive, risk-informed decision making is the core of business agility and cyber resilience. Our cybersecurity planning and decision processes are specifically tailored to your business and technical requirements vs. a one-size-fits-all checkbox compliance approach.

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Risk Resilience & Integration

Through collaboration, we promote a holistic, operational approach to risk resilience, strengthening the fabric of the entire organization and craft a precise strategy and risk management framework that integrates disparate risk and security capabilities.

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We’ll activate strategy where needed, eliminate redundancies where we find them and fortify your defenses against vulnerabilities across the enterprise.

Resilience and adaptability

Cyber Resilience and adaptability

The business is going one direction while the security team is going another. Security best practices are actually hindering the organization’s pursuit of its objectives. The financial effects are beginning to show.

Sound familiar?

Cyber Resilience is more than just having a business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place. Resilience thrives on built-in foundational capabilities.

  • Organizations are adopting new risk and compliance principles to achieve business resilience
  • IT risk management is evolving to operational risk and integrating into the fabric of the organization
  • Adaptive risk-based decision making is core to business agility and resilience

The “risk renaissance” is inspiring many organizations to make business sense of chaos and competing priorities so they can evolve a more structured environment where people, process, technology and operations work in harmony.

By aligning business objectives and cybersecurity goals we can help assure resilience capabilities, policies and procedures are driving the organization without increasing overall risk.

A partner in business and security

We’ll help you plan, build and run a sustainable, well-structured Cyber Resilience program. By incorporating context into data governance programs to promote better decision making, as well as building operational risk management practices that allow for resilience in people, process and technology, we can align your risk management and business objectives by identifying gaps in your strategy, framework and compliance.

To effectively safeguard your business against cyber risk, you need more than a vendor. You need a partner.

Cyber Resilience services

  • Cyber Program Development

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