Advanced Fusion Center Operations

Reduce risk with more visibility.



Dive deeper into threat awareness and understanding.

The right balance of people, processes and technologies – aligned to business goals – optimizes spending and reduces risk.


  • Does your organization have technology no one knows how to streamline or execute?
  • Do you have the right technology but can’t find the talent to take your organization to the next level of maturity?


Through a defined methodology, our Advanced Fusion Center Operations solution addresses these issues so you can focus on running – and growing – your business. We ensure the technologies, people and processes deliver reduced risk. A straightforward KPI reporting structure provides continuous visibility into your organization’s risk posture. And we reduce your labor costs by applying smart automation throughout the process, removing obstacles to revenue growth. Our solution spans multiple offering areas, ultimately focusing on a collaborative, effective and efficient SOC.

How do we do it?


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Progressive Maturity Modeling


We use proprietary maturity models designed to prioritize roadmaps, measure progress and identify focus areas for improvement. 



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A proprietary IP catalog allows us to build runbooks, a training methodology, hunting catalogs, automation and orchestration use cases, analytical models and KPIs.



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Authentic Security Talent


Our proven methodology allows us to mine for, vet, hire and enable the best cybersecurity talent in the market.


Putting everything together.

A highly collaborative, effective and efficient security operation shouldn’t be out of reach. It takes proper planning and expertise to integrate your disparate systems and accurately prioritize threat tasks.


The heart of an advanced fusion center is awareness and understanding of the threat. Data fusion – multiple data sources combined to produce more consistent, accurate and useful information than that provided by any individual data source – enables this visibility by properly managing security intelligence inbound from the client’s security controls, as well as from external threat intelligence sources.


Our extensive experience applying analytics across the security controls, the SIEM and advanced data lake capabilities convert the security intelligence into actionable findings and response strategies.

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We have you covered.

We identify the real threats in your environment, provide context and take actionable steps to help you eliminate them. We use data analytics and full packet capture technology to deliver 24x7 threat monitoring, alert investigation and event and file analysis. Our experts co-manage your packet capture platform to deliver on change requests, data source classification and groupings, native reporting, platform incident management, problem management, health checks and release management.

Your investment in new tech needs experienced management.


Like many cybersecurity leaders, you have invested substantially over the years (or will invest) in advanced "next-gen" technologies to improve prevention, detection and response capabilities. but how can you make it all work together and find skilled talent in the midst of an industry talent shortage?


Connect to a partner who uses a proven methodology to plan, build and run your security operations, using automation, orchestration, analytics and reporting.

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