Managed Detection and Response

Intelligence-led detection. Definitive Remediation.



Do you spend more time managing alerts or containing threats?

You’re making significant investments in prevention technologies, but your adversaries are better funded.


You’ve built a great team, but they’re overwhelmed by alert noise – leaving no time to proactively hunt for threats.


You’re doing all the right things but as hard as you try, your days are filled with fire drills, checklists and alert fatigue. And you still don’t know your true security posture.


It’s not sustainable. It’s time to look at Optiv Managed Detection and Response (MDR).


To confidently reduce business risk, you need to increase visibility across your organization and increase security effectiveness.


Optiv MDR builds upon your existing technology investments to provide situational awareness, adaptive detections and in-depth investigation to help you quickly assess risk. Our full spectrum of response options ensure you quickly contain threats to minimize potential impact, then eliminate the root cause to help deter recurring attacks.



Here is how Optiv Delivers: Effective Detection, Rapid Response, Containment and Remediation of Security Threats

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Complete Visibility


We eliminate blind spots by ingesting data from your existing on-premise infrastructure, IOT, cloud and multi-cloud environments.

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Rapid Time to Value


Rapid onboarding expedite time to impact, while our data-driven client success management and reporting ensures you know what we know, when we know it.

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Adaptive Detection


Our experts combine expertise, intuition and adaptive analytics to proactively hunt for malicious activity your technology and tools miss. No SIEM? No problem.

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Full Spectrum Response


From investigation, to containment, to providing specific remediation recommendations, we help you take decisive action to reduce business risk. Keep Optiv Incident Response on stand-by, should a breach occur.

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Industry-proven Expertise


Cybersecurity requires a specialist, not a generalist. It’s all we do. Certified experts drive operations, conduct in-depth incident investigations and lead response efforts, using threat intelligence from Optiv’s ThreatDNA™ and Malware Analysis and Countermeasures (MAC) team.

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Security at Scale


  • 6 Global Delivery Centers 
  • 300 Full-Time Security Practitioners 
  • 80+ Threat Management Analysts 
  • 350+ Industry and Vendor certifications

Take a look at Optiv’s MDR solution, that delivers end-to-end threat detection, and how it compares to Managed Endpoint Detection and Response, typical MDR, SIEM and Security Monitoring (SECMON).

Open the hood on Optiv MDR


What’s in your technology stack? Probably SIEM, Endpoint, Network, Cloud and other log sources – regardless, we have you covered – we monitor and provide insights from all data feeds across one platform.


Finally, integrated, intelligent MDR.

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•    Client Onboarding and Management of Optiv ThreatDNATM Platform
•    Data-Driven Client Success Management and Reporting
•    Management and Engineering support of client-side technologies such as SIEM, Network, Endpoint, VM, IDM and more

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•    Alert and Policy Tuning 
•    Threat Hunting
•    Log/Alert/Event Data Ingestion, Integration, and Retention
•    Alert Enrichment, Correlation and Prioritization




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•    Expanded Situational Awareness and Increased Visibility
•    Customized Use Cases based on entire client technology stack for automated response and remediation
•    Integrated Intelligence




The fix: Get Adaptive Analytics. Threat Hunting. Threat Intelligence. Eyes on Glass. 24x7x365.

MDR vendors are proliferating. So, how is our approach different? Enter ThreatDNA – a real-time contextualized threat intelligence platform integrated into core Optiv services and technology, ensuring all our solutions deliver true, intelligence-led security. ThreatDNA uses its own dedicated data lake to maintain and manage threat data for years, enabling longitudinal mapping of threats and infrastructure leveraged by threat actors. Optiv MDR combines ThreatDNA’s extensive knowledge of the threat landscape with comprehensive visibility across your on-premise infrastructure, cloud and multi-cloud environments to reveal malicious activity lurking within network. 


We have Industry-leading capabilities in our MDR solution – and you get full access.

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Get an MDR solution that stops the threats your technology and tools missed


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Technology alone won’t protect your organization. The key to reducing cybersecurity risk is accelerating detection of malicious activity, then acting before damage occurs. Optiv MDR leverages your existing technology investments to reveal hidden threats so you can take decisive action.


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