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Empower people to protect their organization.

No matter how advanced your security technology every organization has risk associated with its workforce. Human risk is difficult to quantify because stakeholders must consider every type of threat, malicious, negligent, and unwitting. Investing in a holistic program to educate and empower everyone who touches your network, inherently reduces the risk by increasing awareness and impacting culture.



Optiv offers a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity education through both general end user awareness and role-based training. Meaningful, relevant, current training content establishes a solid foundation for your general user base and simulated phishing campaigns provide insight and create opportunities for risk mitigation.

Transform your organization with training.

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We work with your stakeholders to identify appropriate general end user and role-based training providing meaningful business impacts and personal relevance to end users.


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Create an environment of awareness outside of formalized training with reinforcement materials like newsletters, posters, digital images, and simulated phishing campaigns.


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Our cybersecurity education program is more than just content – it’s a strategy. Let’s help you transform your organization’s culture into one of awareness and ownership through positive behavior change.


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Cybersecurity Education Brief

Our Cybersecurity Education Services focus on technology training and professional certifications, enabling a scalable and repeatable method of minimizing the human risk to your business. Components of the service can be customized with company-specific policies and procedures as well as scaled to include translations for a global audience. Download here.

Cybersecurity Education Services eLearning Course Catalog

Our cybersecurity education eLearning catalog offers more than 100 Optiv- and/or client-hosted video courses, including general end-user awareness, role-based and developer training. Learn More.

Remote Worker Security Awareness

Remote work is increasingly common for a wide range of businesses. While telework can be extremely beneficial for companies and employees alike, it also opens to door to an array of cybersecurity risks. On this page we provide a series of videos aimed at informing workers and companies against common cyber threats. Learn more.

Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Certified Training

We offer four programs approved by the Texas DIR. Clients can host the content on their own internal SCORM-compliant learning management system or use the Optiv LMS. Clients also enjoy access to 100+ general end-user courses. Download here.

Training that fits your unique culture and needs.

Choose from four general end user awareness portfolios that align to different organization cultures: Rapid Awareness, CyberBOT®, Security Awareness Circuit Training, and Unpack the Hack.



They all provide:



  • Positive behavior change through engaging, meaningful training courses and real-world threat emulation.
  • A holistic approach that improves employee preparedness for cyber threats to your industry, your organization, and their specific role. 
  • Up to date content that covers new threats and threat vectors, to align with current threat and risk mitigation intelligence.
  • Continual reinforcement, because effective cybersecurity education is more than an annual course. Our supporting materials and threat emulation campaigns cultivate your organization’s awareness culture.
  • Plus, our Cybersecurity Education solutions  can be delivered as-a-service freeing up your internal resources and letting them do what they do best as security professionals.

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General Awareness Topics - Business Travel, Cloud Security, Cyber Security at Home, Data Privacy, Email Security, Identity Theft, Insider Threat, Malicious Downloads, Mobile Security, Password Security, Social Engineering, Social Media Security, Workplace Security.



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Microlearning Topics - Cyber Threat Actors, Spear Phishing, Cyber Hygiene, Spyware, Coordinated Phishing & Vishing Campaigns, Encryption Basics, Phishing Attachments, Wire Transfer Fraud, Attacks on Smart Phones, Ransomware in the Workplace, Phishing Replies, and more.



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Role-Based Topics - Secure Coding, OWASP Top 10, OWASP Mobile Top 10, OWASP Proactive Controls, Threat Modeling, Executive Insights, Credit Card Handling, and more.



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Compliance Topics - GDPR Overview, GDPR Deep Dive, HIPAA Privacy & Security Basics, PIPEDA, CCPA, Intro to PCI, and more.