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What is required for PCI compliance?

The list of requirements for PCI DSS is long: proper firewalls and infrastructure; the latest in data encryption (such as WPA2); restricted cardholder data access (electronic and physical); appropriate tracking and monitoring of network resources and data; regular security checks and assessments of technologies and processes; up-to-date antivirus software; and non-default settings for wire privacy keys.


And, PCI standard compliance is essential for any business handling payment card data. But as standards and requirements evolve, maintaining compliance and performing assessments can become a yearly struggle. Organizations need compliance management teams with significant PCI experience, but finding staff with the requisite expertise can be daunting.


Optiv is a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)

PCI consulting services from Optiv can help to minimize the cost and complexity of building, implementing and managing a PCI program. Offload critical and resource-intensive tasks to our team of experts. As an extension of your on-site compliance team, our PCI specialists help minimize the burden of PCI compliance while aligning security requirements, technology and business goals to cost-effectively manage risk.


PCI Consulting with Optiv

Turn your compliance efforts into a competitive advantage with our PCI consulting services. Improve decision-making, enhance agility and leverage business insights.


Our PCI consulting services are part of our broader enterprise risk and compliance offerings that include services for standards and frameworks such as HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, NIST CSF, ISO27001/2, cloud security compliance and more. 

Go beyond PCI compliance “checklists” with Optiv

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Through executive workshops, readiness reviews and a PCI risk assessment to ready your team.




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A program leveraging design expertise, gap analyses, self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) guidance, scope reduction strategies and remediation guidance.


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A robust program with reporting on compliance and SAQ services, ASV scanning, application assessments and PCI penetration testing, and staff augmentation with expert Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs).

Learn more about Optiv’s PCI services


Our PCI Consulting Services are designed to turn compliance efforts into a competitive advantage by improving decision-making, enhancing agility and leveraging business insight.

PCI DSS Service Brief


Learn about our comprehensive series of PCI services that help you plan, build and run your compliance program.

PCI Executive Workshop


Delivers guidance around payment card industry standards, provides an overview of applicable PCI obligations and discusses current business processes and how credit card data is handled.

Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) Scanning Service


Our certified ASV services enable compliance scanning of internet-facing assets, fulfilling the PCI ASV external network scanning requirement. You can scan weekly, monthly, after remediation, quarterly and on-demand.

Report on Compliance (ROC) Service


Our PCI team assesses your cardholder data environment against PCI DSS and completes your ROC, outlining the status for all control areas. We also measure regulatory impacts to business areas, policies and controls to further support your audit and protect your organization.

Customized PCI consulting services


PCI consulting services from Optiv help you: 

  • Accelerate the rollout and improvements of compliance programs.
  • Bring compliance efforts to the next level, moving from a checklist approach to a business-aligned strategy.
  • Enhance efforts to address risk more effectively and advance business goals.
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PCI Compliance eBook


How is your PCI program running?  Go beyond checking the right boxes. Here are some best practices for remediation, environment assessments, reporting and ongoing management. Get better visibility into your PCI environment, and avoid inaccurate scope and unidentified risk,. Remove the annual Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance struggle.

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PCI Compliance Checklist


With the security and regulatory landscape constantly changing, you may lack visibility into your PCI environment, leading to inaccurate scope and unidentified risk. Moving to the cloud, increased reliance on third parties, limited staff experience, and constant regulatory changes all contribute to gaps in your PCI compliance management. This checklist highlights the things to consider when reviewing or looking to implement a PCI program.

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Secure Payment Lifecycle White Paper


Go beyond a PCI checklist: embrace a unique, holistic Secure Payment approach. Leveraging existing PCI compliance foundations and technology investments while incorporating leading cybersecurity best practices to build a secure payment lifecycle. In addition to innately gaining compliance, SecurePayment@Optiv addresses challenges like consumer experience, data privacy and business-wide data protection.

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A PCI Case Study


As a level 1 merchant, a large restaurant franchise company had to adhere to strict PCI standards. They called on Optiv to provide a QSA, perform design reviews audits, and develop policies and standards. Here’s what we did.  

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