Remote Worker Security Awareness


Adapting to change: Arm your workforce with security awareness best practices for work from home environments.


Working from home presents unique challenges for both organizations and employees. Shifting to a remote work environment may require new policies and procedures or the use of new technologies to support daily tasks. 


Optiv, as a Security Solutions Integrator, is here to help you meet your organization and employees’ changing needs in this rapidly evolving environment. Our Security Awareness Training can help alleviate one of your immediate burdens: educating your workforce on best practices to work from home securely – keeping them and your organization safer.

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Educating Employees


Communication with employees is critical during shifts to remote working environments. Optiv has created several resources for leaders to utilize when communicating security awareness best practices for remote workers.


Download and share this newsletter covering security awareness best practices relevant to work from home environments with your employees. It addresses everything from VPN and videoconferencing tips and remote workspace risk identification, to avoiding phishing, social media sharing and approved devices.


Need immediate assistance and training for your employees? See how Optiv can help right now.


Download this file for a remote worker security awareness course you can add to your Learning Management System (LMS). Download zip with two SCORM package options.



Cybersecurity at Home


Weak security practices at home can make you a target for cyberattackers. In this video we provide several helpful tips to decrease your risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime.


VPN Basics for Remote Workers


With the shift from on-site to remote work environments, many organizations are implementing virtual private networks (VPNs) for their remote employees. This technology can be difficult to understand, so Optiv created this video for organizational leaders to share with their employees. Everyone should understand the importance of using this type of technology to secure data and communications.


Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Workers and Families


Remote work is beneficial for employees and their families, but it also represents risk, as each remote work site can become another target for hackers. This video outlines our top ten tips for keeping your remote workspace (and home, and family) safe from cyber criminals.

Phishing Simulator for Real-World Practice

Allow your end users to practice what they’ve learned with real-world simulated phishing emails. Optiv’s Phishing Simulator (shown in the images here) lets you not only assess employee resolve when it comes to phishing, but also remediates the behavior with over 40 just-in-time training courses.


Utilize Optiv’s managed services to customize your simulations or run your own campaigns. Either way, our integrated reporter button will enable your end users to report suspected phishing emails instead of falling victim to them. 

Remote Reporting Dashboard


Reporting Dashboard


Current metrics and historical data on campaigns and end user interactions with campaigns. Automated and customizable reports available as well.


Remote Unlimited Campaigns


Unlimited Campaigns


Set-up and configure one-time or recurring campaigns with multiple simulations for your end users. Just-in-time training can be automated during set-up.


Remote 400 Templates


400+ Templates


With a robust (and growing) template library, clients can set up simulations with ease. Each template is 100% customizable, which can increase effectiveness.


Optiv Education Services

eLearning and web-based training programs give organizations the flexibility to train geographically dispersed employees on relevant cybersecurity topics. With Optiv, you can create custom training programs for various roles within your organization. Here are some of the custom programs available from us:



  1. New Hire Onboarding: Email Security, Password Security, Social Engineering, Data Privacy
  2. IT Administrators: Security Awareness Training for Users with Privileged Access, Third-Party Risk Management Basics
  3. Credit Card Handlers: Introduction to PCI, Credit Card Handling
  4. Application Developers: OWASP Top 10, OWASP Mobile Top 10, OWASP Proactive Controls, OWASP API Top 10, Threat Modeling
  5. Digital Threats Program: Ransomware Basics, Ransomware in the Workplace, Malware Basics, Malware Impact, Spyware
  6. Phishing-Centric Remediation Training: Spear Phishing, Phishing Links, Phishing Attachments, Spoofed Phishing, Wire Transfer Fraud, Phishing Notifications 
  7. Teachers/Students: (Academic CyberBOT) Cyber Threat Actors, Email Security, Password Security, Mobile Security, Social Media Security, Workplace Security for Educators, Data Privacy for Educators

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