Self-Assessment Questionnaire

With deep PCI DSS standard experience, Optiv can conduct PCI assessments to ensure accurate reporting on each Self-Assessment Questionnaire control.

Managing your Annual PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire

The PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is a security assessment tool that helps online merchants and service providers to evaluate their security practices and their compliance with PCI DSS requirements. While organizations may self-attest to the Self-Assessment Questionnaire, answering the nine questions on this PCI risk assessment correctly is not a simple matter. Many organizations with complex payment channels may have difficulty determining whether they are adequately meeting risk and compliance requirements, while other organizations may lack the compliance expertise needed to accurately complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire.


Optiv can help. With deep experience in the PCI DSS standard, our team can conduct PCI assessments and tests to ensure accurate reporting on each control in the Self-Assessment Questionnaire.


Self-Assessment Questionnaire Guidance from Optiv

Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play information technology security solutions provider in North America. Our bench of security specialists partner with organizations in multiple industries to plan, build and run more successful cyber security programs. We help define strategy, identify risks, implement technology and ensure operational readiness to protect the business from a wide variety of threats.

We partner with organizations to guide compliance teams on the technical requirements of the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire, providing both tactical and strategic advice. We attest to the Self-Assessment Questionnaire by conducting a PCI assessment and by testing each control. Combining interviews, documentation reviews and cardholder data processing environments, our review examines process flow and supporting systems to answer Self-Assessment Questionnaire questions with greater accuracy.


Our Self-Assessment Questionnaire attestation process includes:


  • Reviewing client environment and identifying current state.
  • Conducting interviews with key staff members.
  • Validating policies and procedures and identifying gaps.
  • Conducting on-site interviews and reviewing controls.
  • Providing in-depth compliance deliverables and results.
  • Performing quality assurance reviews.
  • Delivery of final reporting for the Self-Assessment Questionnaire.


Why Choose Optiv for Self-Assessment Questionnaire Guidance?

Our governance risk management and compliance experts have more than 10 years experience in PCI compliance and have participated in completion of hundreds of Self-Assessment Questionnaire processes in diverse organizations. As a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), we take a risk-based approach to self-assessment, looking at overall security programs rather than simply reviewing compliance requirements. Our proven methodology evaluates PCI risk, identifies gaps and provides a recommended course of action, and our highly skilled PCI experts bring a wealth of experience from multiple projects in diverse environments around the world.


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