Optiv’s Third-Party Risk Manager: Evantix

Optiv’s solution enables your organization to plan, develop and manage your third-party risk management (TPRM) program. In combination with Optiv’s services, Evantix’s SaaS platform helps ease the regulatory compliance burden for enterprises of all sizes. This powerful solution makes it easier to assess and manage risk across your portfolio of third-party vendors and service providers. Standardized, on-demand risk score reports and customizable scoring technology provide corporate risk managers and IT security professionals with quick, accurate and cost effective visibility into the potential risk associated with outside service providers.

The Evantix solution expertly identifies and measures third-party risk of an entity by assessing relationship risk, business profile risk and control risk through powerful assessment tools, a logical workflow, industry-specific compliance standards and a relevant business strategy, while complying with regulations. By improving risk intelligence, organizations can make informed decisions about their vendors and service providers, dramatically reducing exposure to potential risk.

Benefits of Evantix:

  • Protect your company by consistently managing and reporting compliance policies
  • Decrease the risk of fines, penalties and brand damage
  • Improve efficiency by managing the lifecycle of compliance-related information
  • Reduce the cost of regulatory compliance with standardized and consolidated processes for collecting and maintaining third party-provided credentials in a centralized SaaS repository
  • Improve regulatory compliance by tracking compliance risks and automating the tedious process of identifying issues
  • Assist third parties in adhering to your compliance objectives
  • Align your governance, risk and compliance policies and regulatory frameworks to your vendor management program

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When coupled with the Exantix technology, Optiv’s suite of TPRM services can operationalize your third-party risk approach no matter where you are in the maturity of your program. Our solutions help manage third-party risk regardless of where the responsibility falls within the organization, and manage to the regulatory requirements and compliance standards relevant to your industry.

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