Optiv Debuts New Thought Leadership Community Focused on Technical Side of Security

-- Source Zero Launches Today at OptivCon Virtual, Will Showcase Tools and Analysis from a Wide Variety of Technical Security Experts --


DENVER – June 11, 2020 – Optiv Security, a security solutions integrator delivering end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, today announced the launch of a new home for technical cybersecurity thought leadership, Source Zero, at its OptivCon Virtual event. The hard-hitting cybersecurity insights will focus on red and blue team security capabilities, objective tools analysis, research on new concepts and proposed step-by-step solutions to the latest happenings in the industry.


Engage with Source Zero’s first content at optiv.com/insights/source-zero.


“The knowledge gap between industry experts and those who run the business side of security is still very wide,” said Todd Weber, CTO, Americas at Optiv. “Source Zero, with a laser focus on the technical aspect of security, aims to shrink that gap, while also pushing out new ideas, thought leadership, and research. Stagnation is unacceptable when malicious actors are evolving every minute, developing new methods and attack vectors. I’m very excited to see Optiv taking the initiative and driving continued improvement in our industry.”


A few examples of the content you’ll find on Source Zero are:



“I’ve always said the security industry suffers from a lack of innovation. Optiv’s Source Zero is really exciting to me because fresh, cutting-edge ideas and objective takes are needed now more than ever. I anticipate this being a go-to resource for organizations’ security teams for years to come,” said Dave DeWalt, Optiv board vice chairman and founder of NightDragon Security and Momentum Cyber.



In addition to marking the launch of Source Zero, OptivCon Virtual features a keynote Fireside Chat by Admiral Michael Rogers (U.S. Navy, Ret.), former director of the NSA; General David Petraeus (U.S. Army, Ret.), Optiv board member and former director of the CIA; and DeWalt.


OptivCon Virtual is a digitized educational cybersecurity conference where cybersecurity professionals can virtually connect with peers and industry experts to learn how to reduce enterprise risk, address some of the biggest cybersecurity concerns and hear about the latest trends.


For more information, check out Source Zero optiv.com/insights/source-zero, Source Zero’s Twitter account https://twitter.com/OptivSourceZero, or visit www.optiv.com.


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