Optiv Releases 2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence Estimate Exploring Vulnerability, Attack Method and Vertical Industry Trends

-- Report Analyzes Data Breaches, Dark Web Practices and Other Trends Across 2019 Incidents to Help Organizations Mitigate Risk and Strengthen Defenses --


DENVER – August 13, 2020 – Optiv Security, a security solutions integrator delivering end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, today released its 2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence Estimate (CTIE) white paper, an annual report exploring the threat trends, tools, techniques and procedures, and other findings in the security industry across incidents tracked in 2019.


“The threat landscape is more intense and complex than ever before,” said General David Petraeus, United States Army (retired), partner and chairman, KKR Global Institute and Optiv board member. “COVID-19 and the resulting shift for many to work-from-home has increased opportunities for threat actors and increased the burden on cybersecurity providers. It is vital for business leaders to understand these developments and the consequent need to protect a larger, more fluid attack surface. The best way to protect effectively against malicious activity is to take a comprehensive, integrated and managed approach to cybersecurity, a key component of which is up-to-date threat intelligence.”


TL 2020 CTIE Report Whitepaper


Findings within the report include:


  • The report explores vertical industries and security and found that financial and technology services made up 66 percent of incidents in 2019, with retail and healthcare distantly behind those.
  • Among all Dark Web marketplace sales in 2019, about 46 percent were either passports/other documents or carding guides, showing that personally identifiable information still makes up the bulk of illegal commerce conducted online.
  • Nearly two thirds (65 percent) of incidents in 2019 were phishing and brand misuse, indicating simple, sound security practices and awareness education may help prevent the most commons access points.


“What I found most illuminating in the report are the numbers related to vertical industries,” said Todd Weber, chief technology officer, Optiv. “In security, a lot of us reference the shortlist of healthcare, banking, tech, and retail/hospitality as some of the most heavily targeted industries by malicious actors, nation state hackers, or otherwise. It was a little surprising to see just how heavily the technology sectors and financial services are being attacked. The pandemic has reinforced what we in the industry have known for quite some time: that cybersecurity is vitally important to the success of any organization in 2020 and beyond. If security has not been elevated to the C-suite or board room at your organization, now is the time.”


TL 2020 CTIE Report Whitepaper 2


Optiv’s CTIE Report is a collaborative effort between analysts and cybersecurity experts at Optiv, VMware Carbon Black, Digital Shadows, Palo Alto Networks/Unit 42, and SailPoint.


Download the report or visit www.optiv.com for more information.


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