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Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Changes the Game

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management reduces risk more efficiently and meaningfully than legacy vulnerability management programs.

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Thanks to COVID-19, Remote Work is Here to Stay

Recent research from Gartner and others indicates the COVID Work From Home spike is here to stay.

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Rough Thoughts on Mobile/Digital Voting

In this guest post, Imperva’s Kunal Anand the challenges facing digital voting.

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Azure Native and Third-Party Tools: New White Paper

This paper helps you understand cloud infrastructure assessment tools provided with Microsoft Azure and other third parties.

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Security and COVID: Moving Past Duct Tape and Baling Twine

As COVID operations settle down it’s time to reestablish a strategic cybersecurity mindset.

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Executive Order: White House takes on Utility Hackers…

Managing an OT security program that meets C-Suite budgets and White House expectations is difficult but possible.

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Energy Sector Critical Infrastructure: The Enemy Perspective

This article discusses how threat actors attack critical energy infrastructure and how they achieve success.

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Coronavirus: Back-to-Basics Threats, Back-to-Basics Security

The need to secure remote workers is a permanent part of the landscape.

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ATT&CK Series: Collection Tactics – Part Two

The NIST Privacy Framework formalizes what risk and privacy professionals already know should be done.

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