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Tales from Trenches: Cybersecurity Tool Depth and Features

Things we use every day may have useful, but undiscovered features. It’s the same with cybersecurity. Something you already have (appliances, software...

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The Business-Centric Risk Strategy

Many organizations are reaching a breaking point when it comes to the effectiveness of their cybersecurity. Security teams are overwhelmed with the jo...

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ATT&CK Series: Discovery

Modern information technology has rocketed the business sector to impressive heights, as innovative devices and software solutions are implemented eve...

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Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

The mention of Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings up different associations for people. Some recall Hal 2001: A Space Odyssey and others may point to...

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How Can You Determine the Risk of a Threat Actor?

One of the primary goals of an intelligence team is to prioritize the threats that face an organization. This includes how a particular threat actor o...

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Learning the Enemy Perspective

Make offensive security games, and regular penetration testing part of your ongoing threat management program and your team will gain knowledge to be ...

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Features of a Threat Intelligence Platform

A Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) is a fantastic way to manage intelligence and its process amongst individual teams and communities, including cli...

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Security in 2019: Getting Ahead of the Game

The year 2018 was not much different than recent years in the world of security: Several massive security incidents at large companies and government ...

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It’s Not Always About the Perimeter – A Look at Domain Reconnaissance

In this information age, security threats are commonplace and can be devastating to a business. The ability to quickly and accurately detect cyber-thr...

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