Optiv's Palo Alto Networks CYBERFORCE Heroes

An elite group of proven cybersecurity engineers trusted for their expertise, who are client centric and focused on preventing cyberattacks.


Optiv and Palo Alto Networks: Stronger together

For 13+ years, Optiv has been a NextWave Palo Alto Networks partner, ready to help clients and work hand-in-hand with Palo Alto Networks every step of the way. We’re a client champion and an advocate for our vision of a world where each day is safer and more secure than the one before.


As a Palo Alto Networks NextWave Diamond Innovator, Optiv has attained the highest level in Palo Alto Networks’ partner program, with the people and processes in place to flawlessly execute in a way that brings clients the greatest value. We are a Managed Services Security Innovator, Certified Professional Services Partner, and Authorized Training Partner. In addition, with Optiv’s cLAB®, clients can test and validate solutions before deployment to maximize their investment and business impact – it’s no wonder Optiv is consistently recognized for the highest client satisfaction scores on implementation services and frontline support.


If you’re into numbers, Optiv’s commitment to the Palo Alto Networks partnership is loud and clear:


  • 2,200 joint lifetime clients
  • 50+ CYBERFORCE members (including 5 Heroes, and one Ultimate Hero)
  • 500+ Best Practice Assessments (BPAs) in 2019 and 2020
  • 24,000 Professional Service hours in 2019
  • 113 Professional Services projects in 2019


Here’s more about the Optiv/Palo Alto Networks partnership.

Palo Alto Networks CYBERFORCE spotlight: Optiv

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It’s an elite group of proven cybersecurity engineers trusted for their expertise, who always put the client first, and are focused on preventing successful cyberattacks. Recognized among the best-of-the-best by Palo Alto Networks within the NextWave partner engineering community.


Anthony Tanzi


Anthony Tanzi
The world's first CYBERFORCE Ultimate Hero


With more than eight years of Palo Alto Networks pre-sales experience and more than a decade in cybersecurity, Anthony has become a trusted advisor to Optiv clients. In addition to achieving certifications that contribute to his deep knowledge and expertise, Anthony is able to guide clients through their Palo Alto Networks investments from start to finish – from pre-sales consultation through to training on the solution. This allows Anthony to bring a holistic approach that leverages both Palo Alto Networks technology and best practices in their environments.


“Tony is the consummate professional and the very example of what great looks like. Tony is involved in every aspect of the Palo Alto Networks business at Optiv, and is one of the nicest persons you'll ever meet. Tony's extensive knowledge, experience and passion make him what I consider to be the ‘Ultimate’ Cyberforce Ultimate Hero.”

Rick Kennedy


Rick Kennedy


As a 14-year cybersecurity professional with more than five years of Palo Alto Networks client experience and over two years of Palo Alto Networks pre-sales experience, Rick draws from his background to be a trusted strategic advisor to Optiv Security customers. In addition to continuous training and achieving certifications that contribute to his deep knowledge and expertise, Rick is able to speak to clients from their perspective, and guide customers through their Palo Alto Networks journey from planning to full operations. This allows Rick to help customers utilize the Palo Alto Networks platform to its full capabilities while also communicating the effectiveness of the platform to management.


“Rick is always great to work with not only for his technical expertise but also for the way he is able to build relationships and trust with clients. When working a solution with Rick it is a true partnership. He is able to identify the problem the client is facing and effectively position the right offering while ensuring the client understands how it fits into the overall platform. We have had great success working with Rick and look forward to much more in the future."