VMware Carbon Black

VMware Carbon Black’s cloud-native endpoint protection platform and Optiv’s cutting edge service offerings come together to protect your organization and your customer data, to defend against today’s advanced cyber-attacks.


Together for stronger security


VMware Carbon Black and Optiv: Transforming security in the cloud

Carbon Black represents the evolution of VMware’s intrinsic security strategy, where security features are built into the infrastructure and across workloads, clients and applications. VMware Carbon Black provides customers advanced threat detection and in-depth application behavior insights to stop sophisticated attacks and accelerate responses. Together with Optiv, VMware Carbon Black is committed to supporting customers to build their practice in the security space. As we grow our existing security business, we are  now offering the VMware Carbon Black solution through Optiv.


With their cloud-native endpoint protection platform (EPP), VMware Carbon Black is combining unprecedented volumes of relevant endpoint data, adaptive analytics, machine learning, and security community insights to offer unmatched threat protection on a simple, unified platform.

Why clients choose Optiv for VMware Carbon Black:


  • 6 Global Delivery Centers
  • 300 Full-Time Security Practitioners
  • 350+ Industry and Vendor certifications
  • 1,000+ Clients Served 24x7x365
  • 50B Events Managed Annually
  • 250k Cases Managed Annually
  • 20k Security Incidents Managed Annually
  • 30+ Vendors Supported

Security that adapts to your evolving business needs


Optiv’s extensive Managed Security Services are delivered by a team of experts with deep skill sets to solve your toughest endpoint and security challenges. Optiv’s Managed Detection and Response Services augment your VMware Carbon Black endpoint technology by continuously monitoring incidents and thus shortening your response times.


Together, we deliver the detection, investigation and response to threats as well as the isolation and containment of affected security incidents. Our partnership provides  you with a fully managed security solution that maximizes your VMware Carbon Black technology investment.


Implementation and Integration Icon


Implementation and Integration


Optiv’s Implementation and Integration services help break down security technology silos to maximize the effectiveness of your security program. We improve agility and boost your investments by integrating VMware Carbon Black technologies into your existing environment.



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Threat Management


Our Threat Management team uses advanced tools and techniques to help investigate incidents 24x7x365. Optiv’s team of experts will complete all triage necessary to categorize a security event as an Incident, a false positive or as needing additional tuning.




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Managed Security Services (MSS)


Optiv’s MSS offerings provide monitoring and management services designed to fit a wide variety of solutions, technologies, industries and budgets. We reduce operational challenges, improve network security posture and maximize the efficiency of your VMware Carbon Black solutions with our 24x7x365 support.


Device Management Icon


Device Management


With experience supporting and managing thousands of devices, we can provide the management and maintenance of your VMware Carbon Black devices and any additional tools within your security program.

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Managed Detection and Response


By collaborating, VMware Carbon Black Cloud with Optiv’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Services (MEDR) we can help you operate faster and more effectively to achieve a stronger security program.

Orchestration and Automation Icon


Orchestration and Automation


Increase efficiencies by automating duplicative and manual business functions, processes and tools. We help clients unlock hidden ROI and run their organization securely and efficiently.


VMware Carbon Black Solutions

  • Next-Gen Antivirus – Consolidate your endpoint security stack and get better protection and visibility with VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard, our next-generation antivirus (NGAV) and behavioral EDR solution. Try it in your environment and see how it makes your life easier.
    • Next-Generation Antivirus + Behavioral EDR
  • Enterprise AV Replacement – To stop attacks in progress, enterprises need to invest in emerging endpoint security platforms like next-generation antivirus (NGAV) that incorporate endpoint detection and response (EDR). However, they must ensure the platform is enterprise-ready, able to withstand the scalability demands and administrative requirements.
  • Get More from Less – IT and security professionals want to do more, but they are limited by personnel, resources and the impact that adding more tools and agents will have on their endpoints. Get more for less with VMware Carbon Black Cloud.
  • Threat Hunting – The people defending your organization are your best chance at staying a step ahead of your adversaries. While it may seem aggressive to work on the “assumption of breach,” the reality is that attackers may be inside a network for days, weeks and even months on end, preparing and executing attacks, without any automated defense detecting their presence.
    • Threat Hunting and Incident Response
    • Real-Time Device Assessment & Remediation
    • Threat Hunting & IR for Hybrid Deployments
  • Risk and Compliance – New regulations have forced organizations around the globe to rethink data privacy and protection. To meet the new standards, visibility into all endpoint activity is essential to get critical information that will reduce risk, lower liability and prove security control assurance across the cybersecurity kill chain.
  • VMware Carbon Black App Control – VMware Carbon Black App Control is an industry-leading application control product, used to lock down servers and critical systems, prevent unwanted changes and ensure continuous compliance with regulatory mandates.
  • Achieve Compliance with VMware Carbon Black Cloud – The Carbon Black Cloud helps you meet your compliance needs by whitelisting applications, monitoring environmental changes and communicating risks.
    • Compliance Solution Brief

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What's Next?


To get started, learn more about our complimentary Security Program Foundation Assessment to determine where Optiv and VMware Carbon Black may be able to strengthen or optimize your security posture.


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