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We believe for any organization to achieve its full potential, cyber risk must be understood and overcome.

We work alongside clients to manage cyber risk and equip them with perspectives and programs to accelerate business progress.


Our real-world experience, deep vertical expertise and diverse teams enable us to face any challenge with confidence. We put you at the center of our unmatched ecosystem of people, products, partners and programs to design and implement agile solutions. Our adaptive approach continually assesses risk in the context of cyber and broader objectives to secure today’s business and fortify it for the future.

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In a world where digitization is quickly becoming the norm, cybersecurity is vital to securing digital transformation efforts, risk mitigation and value protection.


Optiv delivers strategic and technical expertise to more than 7,000 organizations across every major industry. We are the only company that advises, deploys and operates complete cybersecurity programs from strategy and managed security services to risk, integration and technology solutions. No matter where you are on your cybersecurity journey, we stand ready to help.


At Optiv, we manage cyber risk so you can secure your full potential. 

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Cybersecurity Field Guide Series


Designed with you in mind – with easily searchable content – these field guides will become a “go-to” reference for all your cybersecurity strategies and tactics. Each one is topic-specific and based on years of “been-there-done-that” research.


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Optiv Managed XDR (MXDR): A Powerful Platform


Get fully-integrated environment transparency to strengthen defenses with Optiv MXDR. Streamline responses. Prioritize threats. Reduce your attack surface. Automate incident investigation with real-time, environment-spanning, actionable insights. Be better equipped.


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Need Zero Trust Guidance?


In a Zero Trust environment, your teams “assume breach” – any user or device is a potential threat actor. Begin your Zero Trust journey by diving into the components, learning how organizations like yours deploy it across multiple security domains and conducting a readiness assessment.


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A Visual History of Cybersecurity


Explore 100+ pages of cyber attacks and innovations dating back to before you turned on your first computer. The more we learn about yesterday’s attacks, the better we can defend against tomorrow’s threats.


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