Pen Testing and Advanced Assessments

Optiv experts evaluate the effectiveness of your existing security controls, while quantifying and describing real-world risk to your organization, so you can focus on vulnerabilities that matter.


Identify Weaknesses to Improve Security and Reduce Your Attack Surface

The proliferation of connected devices deployed across many businesses today is forcing security teams to rethink how their existing defenses can protect against the new attack points they introduce. Smart sensors, embedded devices and control systems are making their way into every industry, yet they are often overlooked by traditional security solutions and policies. Every device and system can be a blind spot and launch pad for a breach or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. 


Optiv’s highly skilled security experts can help. With proven testing solutions designed to provide visibility into exploitable vulnerabilities across a wide variety of devices and systems, we enable you to protect against this evolving array of attack points. Our advanced testing services can go beyond traditional testing methodologies to achieve true adversary emulation and provide actionable steps for reducing risk across the enterprise. By providing white, grey, and black box services, we give you less to worry about.

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By emulating your adversary, we help uncover critical, exploitable vulnerabilities and provide detailed guidance for remediation.


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We reveal access points to your critical systems and help you close pathways of attack.


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Our disciplined approach helps you address vulnerabilities to greatly reduce your attack surface.


How We Are Different

Why Optiv?


  • Identify weaknesses in your people, processes and technologies. 

  • Mature processes and methodologies ensure consistent, quality assessments.  

  • We are the largest commercial attack and penetration team in the world. 

  • Our experts dedicate more than 400 hours a year to research and training. 

  • Advanced solutions go beyond traditional testing to improve security iteratively and programmatically over time for even the most mature organizations.


Let us know what you need, and we will have an Optiv professional contact you shortly.