Cyber Authorized Support Services

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Whether it’s hardware or software, we can manage it.

Cyber Authorized Support Services, delivered 24x7x365 by our Advanced Fusion Center (SOC), provide you with collaborative service components to ensure preventive and ongoing operational measures.


The service includes incident management which delivers Level 1 & 2 triage and troubleshooting with Level 3 escalation to vendor, if needed. With this service you can improve your security program capabilities allowing for a more efficient way to operationalize support for security technologies.

How do we do it?


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Access to a 24X7X365, U.S.-based staff with multi-product expertise and more than 200 industry certifications.



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Streamlined troubleshooting through testing and issue replication.



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Extensive portfolio breadth to maximize and communicate program effectiveness.


Multiple vendor lines supported.

Imagine – just one phone call for support of multiple vendors and technologies.


With experience supporting today’s leading security technologies (and 300 partners to prove it!), our team of certified experts delivers on the industry’s most comprehensive set of services, ensuring preventive and ongoing operational measures.

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Cyber Authorized Support Services is part our comprehensive portfolio of security operations services designed to help you maximize and communicate the effectiveness of your security program.