Optiv gTIC Updates on Russian Operations Against Ukraine

Download Optiv gTIC Update on Russian Operations Against Ukraine

As tensions in Eastern Europe have escalated, Optiv’s gTIC has provided periodic updates on Russian military actions along with estimated cyber-related implications in our Advisories and Optiv Source Zero blog posts of February 4 and February 22. In these reports we summarized recent cyber, military and perception management (ie, PSYOPs and misinformation/disinformation/malinformation [MDM]) operations and posturing activity attributed to Russia over the last several weeks. The gTIC also provided proactive risk-based recommendations, including a list of actively exploited vulnerabilities as identified by the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.


Download this comprehensive gTIC update on Russian operations against Ukraine.


Optiv gTIC Advisory: Ransomware Outfits Announcing Support for Russia in the Event of Cyber Attacks

The purpose of this Notification is for situational awareness related to the cyber security threat landscape, and does not indicate an imminent threat. As of February 25, 2022, ransomware groups including Conti, RedBandit and CoomingProject announced preparations to attack any country that threatened attacks or sanctions against Russia as part of the ongoing military invasion in Ukraine since February 23. Optiv gTIC is providing this information to Optiv customers for situational awareness, and there is no indication of imminent threat or targeting against any company, vertical, or organization at the time of this report.