Optiv Leads SXSW Featured Session Discussing How AI Shapes Conflict in the Cyber Domain

Panel explores changing cyber landscape and how organizations can better prepare for cyber threats


AUSTIN, Texas — March 9, 2022 — Optiv, the cyber advisory and solutions leader, will host the SXSW featured session, “Global Competition: The Rise of AI in the Cyber Domain,” at the JW Marriott on March 15 at 4 p.m. CT.


As cyberattacks increasingly become the weapon of choice in conflicts around the globe, including Russia and Ukraine, this panel will offer insights from leading cybersecurity, cyberwarfare and military experts throughout the public and private sector.


The session will feature Optiv CEO Kevin Lynch, retired Army Lt. Gen. Stephen M. Twitty, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Simone Ledeen. Retired Army Col. Nichoel “Nycki” Brooks, Optiv’s director of federal services, will moderate the panel.


Optiv’s panel will help organizations navigate this rapidly evolving cyber landscape. It will explore:


  • Unique insights into the rise of Russia’s and China’s cyber capability and how these foreign actors could use advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to shape the future of conflict across the cyber domain.
  • The sophisticated and often overlooked hacking tools that are being used by China and other entities.
  • What technologies are needed most to ensure our national security, including applications of AI.
  • How the cybersecurity and defense industries can collaborate to help leaders enhance protection of their companies and their people in the age of “informationized warfare.”


“With CISA recently issuing a cybersecurity advisory due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, there is a renewed focus on how organizations can prepare for and combat cyber threats,” says Optiv CEO Kevin Lynch. “As threat actors and nation-states become more sophisticated and ramp up cyberattacks around the world, cyber resiliency should be top of mind for every organization and leader.”


More details about Optiv’s session can be found here: https://schedule.sxsw.com/2022/events/PP1141265


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