Committed to Serving Clients and Partners during COVID-19

First and foremost, our thoughts go out to everyone impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. We also extend heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the government and healthcare workers for their round-the-clock efforts.

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We value the health, wellbeing and safety of our employees, clients and partners, along with the people in the communities where we live and operate.


To help keep our communities healthy and Optiv secure, we have implemented the following measures:


  • Business continuity. Our cross-functional crisis management team meets daily to keep pace with the fast-evolving situation. We’re following our tested and documented crisis management and pandemic plan and adhering to all best practices and guidelines from the Center for Disease Control. We also have redundancy built into our technology environment to provide continued operations.
  • Supply chain. We’re managing our business and working closely with partners to adjust our delivery approach, where and if needed, to continue providing technology, services and solutions to clients.
  • Remote workforce. While we already have a largely remote workforce, office employees who can work from home are doing so. 
  • Travel restrictions. All non-essential domestic and international travel is on hold.
  • Events postponed. The March 18 Seattle, April 2 Dallas, April 9 SoCal and April 23 Toronto OptivCon events are being rescheduled to later in 2020. Regional Optiv events through April 2020 are suspended. New dates will be communicated once determined.  


As companies in all industries and of all sizes grapple with one unexpected issue after another, there is one constant: Optiv is here for you. We remain committed to delivering services and solutions that help clients securely meet their rapidly evolving business challenges.


Bookmark this page! We will continue to post updates and client resources here to help you securely meet evolving business challenges.

Timeline: COVID-19 Impact on Cybersecurity

The abrupt shift to WFH models. Opportunistic attackers. COVID-19 is an unprecedented crisis because of its deep cybersecurity impact. This timeline – updated frequently so bookmark this page – helps you understand the events that brought us here so that you know what actions to take and how to plan for a post-pandemic world.

COVID-19 Resources

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Is Cybersecurity Virus Resistant?

Momentum Cyber and Optiv have partnered for an on-demand webinar that shines light on its impact on cybersecurity. Join Dino Boukouris and Dave DeWalt of Momentum Cyber and Optiv’s Todd Weber and Dan Burns as they seek to refine your COVID signal-to-noise ratio.


COVID Attacker Viewpoint Thumbnail




COVID-19: From the Mindset of the Attacker

COVID-19 has forced a rapid shift to remote work for business continuity. We’ve seen lots of tips and advice for work-from-home, but how has it affected the attacker?


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Financing Services

Financing a purchase allows our clients to conserve cash and pay smaller amounts over time while maintaining ownership of the items. When Optiv facilitates a financed transaction we ensure the vendor receives the full value of the purchase so that shipment, entitlement, licensing or support happen seamlessly.


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COVID-19: Hardening Security Operations Technical Checklist

COVID-19 has spurred an increase in social engineering attacks and sudden work-from-home models are increasing attack surfaces. Hardening security operations means preparing the teams responsible for maintaining them. This checklist provides actionable steps toward achieving short- and long-term priorities.


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Securing Your Security Operations: Three Critical Areas of Focus

Three critical enterprise security areas deserve focus: email security, tool configuration and chat. Many users don’t realize they can help keep their work environments guarded. Teaching them to maintain security protects the business and provides a sense of purpose in work-from-home environments.


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COVID-19: Thwarting Opportunistic Attackers Technical Checklist

This technical checklist breaks down the mobile device security, social activities, network monitoring and multifactor authentication (MFA) steps you can take to harden security and expedite response times during the COVID crisis.


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How to Reduce Your Attack Surface

Some organizations have limited WFH capabilities, so the focus becomes ensuring remote access to corporate resources. As a result, organizations can introduce new attack vulnerabilities into their threat landscapes. The key to WFH is to understand and proactively address the inherent attack surface risk.


New Normal COVID Thumbnail




Navigating Your "New Normal": Help from a WFH Veteran

Working from home requires some adjustment. A long-time WFH veteran offers a series of helpful tips on how to maximize your productivity while promoting physical and emotional well-being for you and your family.


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COVID-19: Securing Work From Home Checklist

We recommend employing proven strategies, like expanding what you currently have, creating alternative access methods and redesigning your cybersecurity program at scale. These steps, and the actionable technical steps outlined here, provide the foundational support needed to enable and secure a work from home model.


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COVID-19: Securing Work From Home

It’s important for CISOs to consider COVID ramifications on a larger scale and not lose sight of their organizational security roadmap. The factors influencing the decision-making process should be congruent with the organization's mid- and long-term objectives by executing on the existing roadmap.


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COVID-19: Overcoming an Abundance of Cybersecurity Caution

COVID-19 inflicts new security challenges on infrastructure capacity and traditional controls. The changes made since the outbreak spotlight resilience planning efforts. Many controls that can normally be enforced in internal network environments will shift to external networks and possibly unmanaged endpoints.



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COVID-19: Charting the Cybersecurity Implications of a Pandemic

This post is the first in a series designed to deliver cybersecurity strategies, best practices and advice to help address today’s unprecedented security challenges. Our hope is that these resources aid you in supporting and securing your business—wherever it may be in its security program maturity.


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Remote Worker Security Awareness

Remote work is increasingly common for a wide range of businesses. While telework can be extremely beneficial for companies and employees alike, it also opens to door to an array of cybersecurity risks. On this page we provide a series of videos aimed at informing workers and companies against common cyber threats.


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Optiv Surge Support

We provide expertise, staffing and technology to ensure immediate, short-term business continuity or to build inhouse expertise through ongoing security awareness training. With more than 350 industry certifications, our trained professionals can quickly resolve Tier 1, 2 and 3 technical support issues.


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